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That One Girl

God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness | A PURE FLIX PRODUCTION | March 30, 2018 | The highly anticipated sequel that we've been waiting for

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7 minutes ago, SchumacherFTW said:

Fucking hell, there is absolutely no way I'm going to suffer another one of these pieces of trash. 

I watched the first one when it showed up on cable, and no way am I sitting through another.

The irony is the films make Christians look really intolerant and ignorant..which, sadly, some of them are.

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So what is the story for this one. Is it same cast of the first one? I am surprised they are doing a third movie in this series rather doing something original. My mom will be excited telling me I need to see it and I will get this Christmas or a birthday gift someday. Which I will sell on Amazon. 

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Seems like these films really do have a bad reputation amongst film.


I really don't want this to be a cheap mess like the first two. I also don't believe it's outright guaranteed to be such- after all, we have no footage of this film. For all we know, they really could've stepped up their game.


I'm going to pray for this film. I really am. As a Christian, who would I be to wish for brothers and sisters in Christ to lose money on a film?


Of course, if it were God's plan, the film would have a disastrous run.But who knows? Maybe God propels I Can Only Imagine to the forefront instead. Maybe this threequel really does resonate with the faith-based audience and it ends up leading many people to see it. We can't know for sure at this time.


It's just extremely interesting to see the current trend of faith-based films opening against alleged hits (Samson against Black Panther, potentially FOUR faith-based films against Ready Player One). I think there could very well be some solid counterprogramming, especially during Easter.

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