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Rocketman l May 31, 2019 l Paramount l Elton John biopic l Taron Egerton stars and looking sexy as h*ck

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3 minutes ago, Rebeccas said:

This is going into Comedy/Musical at the Globes probably given it's actually a song and dance musical so I would say an almost guaranteed GG win for Taron.

After seeing this I'll be surprised if they consider submitting it in the Drama category. This isn't Bohemian Rhapsody or A Star is Born, which were dramas that featured a ton of recording/concert performances.

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On 6/3/2019 at 12:24 PM, Rebeccas said:

This is going into Comedy/Musical at the Globes probably given it's actually a song and dance musical so I would say an almost guaranteed GG win for Taron.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood could go in that category, too, and the HFPA really likes DiCaprio, he and Pitt could both go lead (as the category fraud might be too egregious even for people used to it by now). Egerton is probably willing to campaign more and will have Elton with him on the trail, though, and that could be enough to put them over the top.


On 6/3/2019 at 12:37 PM, Avatree said:

A Star Is Born suffered greatly for not being put in musical category. This is a traditional musical too. It will sweep the Globes.

Not really, the awards reporters/bloggers said they'd heard the HFPA was chilly on ASIB (at least one member who tweets on how she votes really disliked Cooper), the Musical/Comedy winners probably would have shaken out the same way: Green Book, Colman, Bale. And if ASIB was considered a musical last year, BoRhap would have been there, too, so it still would have been A Star Is Scorned (for the most part).


One thing the HFPA has been fairly clear about in recent years is their distinction about musicals as movies where characters must randomly break out into song at some point, vs. dramas about musicians, where the characters only sing in a real-world context. The HFPA made things like Country Strong and Get On Up compete in Drama but they weren't big Oscar players, so I guess all the more casual awards followers failed to notice the shift. Unless they change their position again, any movie about a musician that doesn't take an overt "musical" approach is going to be placed in Drama at the Golden Globes and people shouldn't get their hopes up for anything different.


Rocketman is a legit musical, so it won't have that problem with them.

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The Globes are literally a joke, the stars only show up for the booze and press. The HFPA also has no genre standards, they will insert films in the wrong category just to give (purchased) awards to multiple key actors and films in the same year.

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11 minutes ago, AndyK said:



Taron is a future superstar.


Why no fuss about a straight guy playing a gay?

the current Outrage Culture is more concerned with transgender actors playing transgender characters. They've moved past their gay phase.

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Wonderfully written review by A.O. Scott in the NY Times


Egerton, with what can only be called flamboyant understatement — and also, I suppose, understated flamboyance — in effect plays both the Lady Gaga and the Bradley Cooper parts in a fresh iteration of “A Star Is Born.” His Elton is the hard-living road warrior and the preternaturally gifted ingénue, the sacrificial hero and the plucky survivor, the rock god and the camp icon. The actor delivers a tour de force of self-effacement, a bravura demonstration of borrowed charisma.



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