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City of Lies | 15 OCT 2020 | Johnny Depp tries to find out who killed Biggie Smalls | | Thriller from “Good Films” Studio | #1 in Australia

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Actually this movie is based mostly Notorious B.I.G murder (Biggie Smalls) because Johnny Depp is playing Russell Poole who was the cop that gave his life to investigate Biggie's murder.   Tupac's case will be featured too in the story yes but the thread title should read Biggie and Tupac not just Tupac which is why Biggie's music is playing in the trailer.  It's based on this book.  Basically it's about Corrupt Cops in the LAPD.  This is the first time Johnny's playing this type of role since "Donnie Brasco".  Looks good, Johnny and Forest is a great duo.   It's cool seeing all these movies about Biggie because he was a huge movie buff, he had several rhymes about directors, actors, films, television and comic books.  


Image result for LAbyrinth by Randall Sullivan


Biggie had a movie reference to Johnny's "Donnie Brasco" in his Classic Song "All About the Benjamin's"


"Make it hard to figure me, Liquor be Kicking Me in my a$$hole, Undercover, Donnie Brasco." - Biggie



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To be honest, this pair of unsolved crimes intrigue me on the same level of JFK's assassination, and I'm not even a proponent of conspiracy theories. This film doesn't look anywhere as good as Stone's JFK, but the material is still ripe for a good docudrama. Two icons of the genre dead from similar homicides in less than a year. The script writes itself. It just needs someone better at the helm. No offense to the director. I did like Lincoln Lawyer, but this trailer was less than inspiring.

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You know, sometimes controversy can work in the favor of the sales of the film. More people will no about this film for sure. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out. Global Road has had some embarassing failures this year thus far; they desperately need a substantial release.

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For the filling:



1 hour ago, CoolEric258 said:

Should mention that if this allegation is what kills Depp's career instead of Amber's, I'm done with humanity.

That story probably was well known by the industry before becoming an public allegation. If true the fact the guy lost is job for not signing an NDA that he would not talk to anyone / sue because of the incident the next morning and that he went and try to find a cop to be with him to announce the news to Depp, fearing is reaction, it must have been well known and common behavior when people knew he was drunk on set. The fact director send someone to announce him the news also pointing to that.


It would really be the public / court nature to it if it does something and not the actions themselves.

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