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Fantasy Island | February 14, 2020 | Sony/Blumhouse | Michael Pena, Lucy Hale

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16 hours ago, aladdino said:

huh? the target of this movie have no idea about the fantasy island tv show, i didnt even know it existed until nowl, at first i thought you were talking about love island reality lmao

Though Love Island with a horror twist is also not a bad idea for a movie (some would say the actual thing is a horror show in its own right)....


Haven't seen a Fantasy Island rerun or heard a "the plane, the plane" joke in years so I wouldn't expect the under 25 to crowd to know the original show at all. I like the concept of the movie, it just can't really much on nostalgia to bring in an audience.

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2 hours ago, Boxofficerules said:

Is anyone talking about this, saw hardly anyone post or talk about the final trailer. Didn’t see it get many likes or shares either.

Seems to be flying under most people's radar.

Of course with a 7 Million dollar budget the studio is not going to lose any money.

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End of 2019 / January 2020 has been rough for horror in general.


Black Christimas was horrible ( D+ CinemaScore )

The Grudge was horrible ( F CinemaScore )

Underwater was so so ( C CinemaScore )

The Turning was dogshit ( F CinemaScore )

Gretel & Hansel wasn't loved either ( C- CinemaScore )


I'm not feeling Fantasy Island. Its concept is interesting at first glance, but the execution might be a mess. There are at least 5 main characters, each one with a different wish. Tons of questions to be answered. I got worried when the girl said "everything and anything is possible". I hope movie won't lose itself with the plot. 

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