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Eric is Anxious

Halloween Ends | October 14, 2022 | Uni/Blumhouse | In theaters and Peacock on the same day...again!

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This version of Halloween in my opinion are complete disappointments. When I first saw Halloween 2018 I thought it was fairly okay. And then I watched it a second and third time and just realized that there's so much of it that I didn't like. Then the sequel was just absolute garbage. Like almost as bad as Rob zombie's Halloween sequel. These movies make money but in my opinion there's so much wrong with them. I'm obviously going to see Halloween kills but I have no expectations for it except it's going to be garbage.

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2 hours ago, Krissykins said:

Very short too, hopefully they don’t show as much as Kills did. 

Fingers crossed, the Kills trailer showed far too much. All they really need to tease for this is the confrontation between Michael and Laurie, leave the rest for the film itself.

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3 hours ago, BestPicturePlutoNash said:

Hearing gobsmackingly stupid things about this movie 

I seen a post about Michael’s look in this, but it turns out ViewerAnon fell for someone’s deliberate trick based on a fan made custom action figure. Lol

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