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Ferrari | December 25, 2023 | Mann/Driver | NEON

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Michael Mann’s passion project Ferrari is in the market on a new set of tyres ahead of an anticipated spring 2021 shoot.

The Greatest Showman and Logan star Hugh Jackman is in discussions to star as Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari and Mann has recently reworked the script, which was originally penned by the late Troy Kennedy Martin (The Italian Job).

The film will chart the summer of 1957 when all the forces in Ferrari’s life – which were often as combustible and volatile as the iconic race cars he built – collided. The now legendary car company he and his wife Laura built was at the time going broke. Their tempestuous marriage had already suffered the death of their son, Dino, and Ferrari’s other son, 12-year old Piero, the product of a wartime romance, was struggling to find his place in the world.


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43 minutes ago, TMP said:


Finally. Been hearing about this for years. 

I've only seen 2 of Michael Mann's films (Heat and Collateral) but hopefully it'll be on their level, if not better.

And if anyone cares, Mann was also executive producer for Ford v. Ferrari.

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On 6/20/2020 at 2:43 PM, lorddemaxus said:

He was supposed to direct it actually: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2011/may/27/michael-mann-go-like-hell


Would've been so much better than the standard dad movie we got.


Not based on Mann's last few movies, unfortunately... and FORD V. FERRARI is great cinema and great fun!  


8 hours ago, dudalb said:

I think Ford ver Ferrari sort of stole the thunder on this film.

ANyway  interesting to see if Mann can make a comeback.


Agreed.  And I would have preferred Jackman in this role.  I think Driver is a bit overexposed right now, I'm kind of sick of seeing him in *everything*.  And I already don't buy that *anyone* would cheat on Penelope Cruz...let alone with Woodley(!!!)  

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