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SPECTRE | 11/6/15 | Final Trailer on Page 126! | Twitter reactions coming in, STID 2.0?

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On 3/21/2016 at 6:55 PM, TalismanRing said:

Deadline doing their annual blockbuster tourney or profitability based on data and projections from trusted sources though that reported Craig salary looks unbelievably low with Sony pulling in $24.5m in profit which is about a third of what that made on ASM2 though for the movie they provided 100% of production costs.



Sony and MGM split the production-cost funding 50/50 and then MGM takes 75% of the profit and Sony 25%, with the latter not getting a distribution fee on top of that, which is an amazing deal for MGM. The franchise producers at Danjaq, and the estate of author Ian Fleming, each has first-dollar gross positions. Danjaq ends up making about $50M and Fleming about $10M. Craig’s deal is not very rich – $7M upfront plus about $4M on the back end. At the end of the day, the net profit for MGM and Sony is $98M, with a Cash on Cash Return of 1.17. In the re-up talks, Sony has the advantage of incumbency, but also at the helm is Tom Rothman, an exec comfortable with hardball negotiations and an eye toward profits. By these numbers, anyone taking on the 007 property will be looking at working very hard for comparably small profits, when all the splits and payouts are factored in. It’s great to be able to say you have a big global franchise, but it’s all about the bottom line.


Sony didn't provide 100% of the production cost on ASM2 it was the first spiderman movie they used co-financier partner on, 66.63 million came from financing, at the moment of the Sony leak Amazing Spider Man 2 was still 49.9 million in the red, but was expected to do a 14 million profit for Sony (and a 5 million lost for the third party investor) once the 66.6 million tax credit would get in to reduce that 312.2 million production cost to something more reasonable and the TV revenue still to come in.


Deadline estimate is really good, Sony expected a profit of 30 million on a scenario of 200 million domestic, 845 worldwide. Loosing that current deal is probably not a big deal at all for Sony, Adam Sandler was a much better revenue source.

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4 minutes ago, JB33 said:

Sony needs Bond badly so they'll do everything in their power to keep the franchise.


They made what 15 million a year on Bond, spending a lot of money and work, I'm not sure they need Bond much, outside the nice perk of having your product placement in it.... not sure it is worth the trouble that much. They start making a great ROI if they make 1.6/1.7 billion at the box office.


Sony profit:

Quantum of solace: 22.65

Skyfall: 57.3 million

Spectre: around 30 million.


That 110 million in 8 year's, 13-15 million a year, the 2 grown ups movie made more profit for Sony than the 3 James Bond

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