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Game of Thrones (TV ONLY) [Leaked Spoilers prohibited]

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They've set up the all-new Melisandre adventure with her scene about Kings' blood.Goodbye Hot Pie, stay safe and know that you're still alive in the books (as far as we know since we haven't seen you since).Welcome to the show Edmure and Brynden "Blackfish" Tully. So far they're pretty on the spot in depiction. Loved they kept in Edmure bungling up the arrow shooting.Jaime's razor wit finally gets himself into trouble. Different scenario than in the book (slightly) but since Vargo Hoat is replaced with this Locke it fits well.Theon's forest excursion is getting interesting.

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Kind of slow episode, I was shocked by the ending though.


I wonder if I'm wrong in thinking that Dany's dragons are loyal to her no matter what, and the one she gives to the  guy will kill him and return to her?? (I don't want an answer to this please)


Also now I'm reading the books I have to say, 65 pages in, so far the show is almost word-for-word to the books. Biggest thing that sticks out to me is that the show has significantly aged many of the characters, even the adults like Catelyn and Ned (they're 35ish in the book but in the show closer to 50). I think we can all be grateful that they've aged Dany, Robb, Jon etc by a few years though. Dany especially - now that would be some awkward TV!

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Yeah they aged the kids up and as a result aged up the adults as well.


The only aging that still seems odd is Margaery. In the 2nd book when we meet her she's 16, but in the show she's clearly supposed to be mid-20s.

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If I see one more book reader talk (read: bitch) about nothing but the ending credits song from tonight's episode I may lose it.


What's the controversy?


I didn't listen to the lyrics but I thought the boisterous tone was a hilarious foil to the last scene which I'm sure was the intention.

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It's the same "Bear and the Maiden Fair" song that the riders with Jaime/Brienne were singing. It's from the books.They didn't like the punk version of it right after that jarring scene. Felt it took them out of the world & moment.And that was the intention. David & Dan said you need something shocking right after that shocking moment to hammer home just how shocking it was.

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well they sure got me, for a sec there i thought there was something wrong with the video lolllllll


you're so deep into the scene, and then the voices cut off, and you're not sure if that's normal or some technical problem and then bam there's goes the hand! i was having  2 conflicting  :blink: moments mixing up!


is it me or does daenerys scenes in astapor going a bit too fast? i hav to try take into account the 10episodes format hmmm

can't wait for that man who keeps insulting her to get a taste of her dragon sweet tooth



loved the blackfish and nephew in rivverun, oh and love the table scene with the council, tywin stoic face as everyone hopped to a chair  :lol: it must be trying to be surrounded by that lot when you're fighting and strategizing a real war!

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