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Disney's Pete's Dragon | August 12, 2016

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"I play a pragmatic realist park ranger. For her, it's a quest to answer the mystery of who is this child, and in answering that question, she comes to believe in magic," Howard said. "I was obsessed with Pete's Dragon as a kid. I was excited about the notion to refeel this story again. When I watched it as a child, it made me feel like I wanted a best friend who was a dragon. I was curious about it. When I got to meet with David and read this script, there's a power in the story. I was incredibly moved," Howard continued. "It's something I'm so proud to share with my kids."

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The boy has been out in the forest for six years, as Howard and Redford's characters talk about him. "He says he wasn't alone," she says. lots of fish-out-of-water scenes shown of Oakes Fegley in civilization. A little bit of dragon fur, and it changes color with a touch of a hand.

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