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Pan | Oct. 9, 2015 | New Trailer on Page 25!

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Creed cost 35 Million dollars, a low budget nowdays , so I think it chances of losing money are low,not sure how big a hit it will be.

There is no way that Creed is going ti be a money-loser. I think that makes atleast 60-70m

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Agreed. Warners will make a profit off of it, only question is how much.

Which is really asking...does this do Balboa business, or cannot break out?

I don't see it being a big international sell though, so it has limits. Even if it delivers.

But profit? Yeah, I think they're good for that.

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Filmmaker was in negotiations to direct Lionsgate’s “Emperor” but talks broke down after his Warner Bros. film flopped

Joe Wright‘s “Pan” may lead to a $150 million write-down for Warner Bros. but it could also cost Joe Wright, unfairly or not.

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TO use a sports similie:

Joe Wright is a good player in one position (modest budget period films) but a bad player when you move him to another position (big budget Fantasy films)/

Warners is as much to blame as Wright, since a origin story of Peter Pan was a Warners Brs idea,but whene a film bombs as big at Pan has everybody involved in the making takes a sizable hit.

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