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KRAMPUS | 12.4.15 | Universal | final domestic gross: $42,725,475

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Jurassic Park had very little in the blood and gore department, there was really only a severed arm. Lost World was more violent than the first, with a person being ripped in half and the geyser of blood when the T-Rex grabs that one guy out of the cave.


Jurassic World has blood raining through tree branches, blood splattering on glass, the Indominus munching on that one worker (though it is partly obscured by trees, you can tell it rips the guy apart a bit and scarfs half the body down) and a person being stabbed by the beak of one of the pteranodons. Again, it's still PG-13, but it's still a smidge more violent than the first with violence similar to Lost World.

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I desperately want this to be good. It looks like soooo much fun. Like a gory Gremlins. 

It ain't gonna be as gory as Gremlins.It's supposed to be Christmas Horror movie aimed at the whole family.

Anybody who thought this was gonna be a "Hard" Horror movie was living in Fantasy Land.

Its' going to be, in terms of content, something like Goosebumps.

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50 minutes ago, Blankments said:

Where did the 11/25/15 come from; literally everywhere else has it as 12.4.15

That was its original release date.


This has flop written all over it, unfortunately. Another case of a movie stuck between two audiences and not fully appealing to either: too silly (it is, after all, about the Christmas Demon lololol) and satirical for those seeking a scare, too creepy for those seeking a laugh.

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In Classic Christmas lore, Krampus was basically Santa's enforcer, putting bad little kids into his sack and beating them with sticks....not killing them,just scaring them out of thier naughty way. In this movie, he has become Freddy Kruger. Count me out.

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