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Knight of Cups | March 4 2016 | Terrance Malick, Bale, Portman, Blanchett

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This is Terrance Malick's next film, or perhaps his next film after his next film.  It has an impressive cast, of course.  


Besides the ones mentioned in the title, Antonio Banderas, Wes Bentley, Teresa Palmer, Jason Clark, Imogen Poots and many others, are on board.


The entire film was improvised as apparently there was no script.  This means it will win best original screenplay just so the academy will show us how much they know about film, and we don't.  :)


It's set for a 2015 release.

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Very much looking forward to it. To the Wonder made me excited to see what Malick is going to do with this new style he's adopted, where narrative is basically non-existent and it's all about spectacular images, music and editing. I understand those who are saying he's fallen into self-parody but I'd say there was much more of that in The Tree of Life which now looks more and more like a messy, awkward compromise between his old and new style. I love seeing him without any constraints now. 

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All the hallmarks of Malickian tricks of late are in there (handheld/steadycam camera and swirling cinematography around the actors capturing glimpses of "realness of life", the close up angle on the faces, the elegiac and fragmented editing, the dramatic and epic trailer music that belongs in an insurance company ad "celebrating life")  but goddammit it's still moving and out to catch you off guard washing up the shade of cynicism you might wearing up on your sleeve in before watching it.

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Yup, it's a Malick film. I could probably do without the voiceovers he spordically employs but the mood looks as intoxicating as ever. Surprised they didn't show off Portman more - wouldn't have guessed it was her had I not known.


Bale's also done another Malick project with Fassbender and Gosling in the cast but given the massive post production times Malick movies have who knows when it'll see the light of day.

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