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THE GALLOWS | 07.10.15 | Warner Brothers | final domestic gross: $22,764,410

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Twenty years after a deadly freak accident at a high school play, a misguided attempt to re-stage the play and honor the student proves that some things are better left in the past.


RELEASE DATE: July 10, 2015

STUDIO: Warner Brothers

DIRECTOR: Chris Lofing, Travis Cluff

SCREENWRITERS: Chris Lofing, Travis Cluff

STARRING: Cassidy Gifford, Ryan Shoos, Reese Mishler, Pfeifer Brown | more here: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_gallows/?search=gallows

MPAA RATING: R (for some disturbing violent content and terror)

RUNTIME: 087 minutes







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Oh, look, another PG-13 found footage movie.

$15 million OW

$35 million DOM

I don't think it's rated yet. But it had New Lines best test audience results since Final Destination in 2000.

I hope this turns out to be a slasher masquerading as a supernatural film.

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lol I really don't mind found footage.

Love Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity 1 & 3, Cloverfield, Last Exorcism, As Above So Below, Quarantine.

The only wide release ones I didn't like were Devil Inside, Devil's Due, Into The Storm, Haunted House.

There's only actually been 20 found footage films released wide since 1999. So I don't get the "oh it's overload" stuff. Ok 2014 and 2012 were crowded.

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Any plot details?


Twenty years after an accident caused the death of the lead actor during a high school play, students at the same small town school resurrect the failed stage production in a misguided attempt to honor the anniversary of the tragedy—but ultimately find out that some things are better left alone.

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Did the trailer get a bad reaction?

I think this is quite hard to predict. It could do Devils Due numbers, or it could break out a little bit.

The ending of the trailer got snickers at my showing of San Andreas. Take that for what it's worth.


It's really kind of remarkable how these found footage movies now look completely interchangeable.

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