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GOING IN STYLE | 04.07.17 | Warner Brothers | final gross ● 45.02M

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Going In Style, from helmer Zach Braff, revisits the three aged buddies who decide to knock over a bank. Its opening-weekend opponent will be a little Disney/Marvel sequel called Captain America: Civil War. http://deadline.com/2015/05/keanu-release-date-going-in-style-key-and-peele-morgan-freeman-michael-caine-1201433439/

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The signatures of Zach Braff’s two-film directorial oeuvre—a chill indie soundtrack and suburban ennui—are nowhere to be seen in his upcoming remake of the 1979 heist movie Going in Style, which stars Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin as retirees who lose their pensions and set out to steal from the banks that robbed them.

The film, due out May 6, was more than just a change in style for Braff. In addition to the pressures that come with making his first studio feature, he had to direct a group consisting almost entirely of Hollywood icons. Thankfully, the cast—which also includes Christopher Lloyd and Ann-Margret—was accommodating. “These actors have been extraordinarily supportive,” Braff says. “They really wanted me to not be intimidated by their legendary status and really direct them.”





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On 1/22/2016 at 2:35 PM, Exxdee said:

Excellent, Last Vegas part 2


Well if they were to make it like the original, and have it be an almost somber tale about a bunch of old guys trying to make to due because of a social security payment rip-offs, in a society that doesn't really care about them, then it would actually be quite different from Last Vegas.

But yeah, will probably get a movie with a bunch of silly antics instead.

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