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Chas' Box Office Summer Game | We Have a Winner: Congratulations to DamienRoc on a game well Played. Special mention to darkelf as the runner up and Chewy into 3rd (had a fantastic pre-season score!) | Ya all come for the winter game ya here!

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Estimated Answers:


1) Will keanu open to more than $18m? No

2) Will keanu open to more than $22.5m? 2000 No

3) Will mothers day open to more than $10m? No

4) will the 3 openers' combined OW be higher than jungle book's weekend gross? 3000 No

5) Will all 3 wide openers finish in the top 5? No

6) Will huntsman drop less than 47.5%? No

7) Will Zootopia drop more than 20%? Yes


8) Will BvS have a sub-$1M day this weekend? Yes

9) Will Barbershop have a higher Saturday gross than Zootopia this weekend? 3000 Yes

10) will miracles from heaven have a better Sunday drop than gods not dead 2? ?

11) Will deadpool have a better Friday percentage increase than BvS? No

12) Will criminal stay above my big fat gel wedding? Yes

13) Will allegiant stay above Cloverfield lane? Yes

14) Will hardcore Henry make less than $100k this weekend? 2000 Yes


15) Will any film below the top 12 last weekend,  move up into the top 12 this weekend? 2000 Yes

16) Will the boss have a PTA above $1,500? Yes

17) Will 2 films have a Friday increase above 200%? No

18) Will KFP3 have a Saturday increase over 98.5%? 3000 Right on the mark

19) Willthe man who knew infinity have a PTA above $5000? Yes

20) Will the hologram for the king turn out to be a threatening message from Lord Snoke? Yes




14/20 - 2000

15/20 - 3000

16/20 - 5000

17/20 - 7000

18/20 - 10000

19/20 - 12000

20/20 - 15000


Part 2 ~ The closest predictor for each question scores 5000 UOS


1. What will keanu gross OW? $9,350,000

2. What will Huntsman's weekend percentage drop  be? 51.7% 

3. What well be the difference in dollars of the total domestic grosses of BvS and zootopia after this weekend? $1,614,104


Part 3 ~ predict which film finishes in the places given.  


3. Keanu

5. Barbershop

8. The Boss

10. Criminal 

13. A Hologram for the King




3/5 ~ 4000 points

4/5 ~ 7000 points

5/5 ~ 10000 points

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8 minutes ago, WrathOfHan said:

IDK if I'm going to bother changing up my preseasons, maybe if my Week 0 total is below 20k.


If I can persuade every one of you to tweak, then that will be 15k minimum in the bag thanks to part 2 :D 

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