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War of the Planet of The Apes | July 14,2017

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Wow. Those are really enormous figures. I love previous films, but I would be fine with the 500 million of Dawn of... In 2014 the ER were better and China seems to not be growing as it used to. I wish it can make 600-700 or even 800 as you are saying, but for the moment I do not see it. 500-525 is my range.

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Many big markets of the last 2 apes films are missing because the film started not yet. Australia, France, South Korea, Brazil, China, Mexico (?), Japan, Germany...


The UK numbers would be interesting, in comparison with "Dawn"

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Internationally, the film brought in an estimated $46 million from 61 markets. Among the openings, the UK lead the way with an estimated $9.5 million debut followed by Russia ($5m) and Spain ($3.4m). By comparison, Dawn debuted with $14.8 million in the UK, $9.8 million in Russia and $4.6 million in Spain as Apes fever seems to be down across the globe.


So WW 600 is gone, that's really disappointed, after this great reviews, this movie deserves better numbers.



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50 minutes ago, Blaze Heatnix said:

500 million worlwide should be the magic number for this movie. 


Yes 490 to 530m should be expected, 21% lost in exchange rate, 10-15% lost from regular franchise fatigue would lead to around those number. A bit similar to Apocalypse from Days of future past, that show how extraordinary Guardian of the Galaxy 2 run was, to achieve to make more than the first, with the same exchange rate and a bit better in China I would imagine it would have flirted with the billion.

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