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Holmes and Watson | Dec 25 2018 | Sony | Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly

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Final run.


Domestic Total Gross: $30,573,626


Off a 6.4M OD, it had a multiple of 4.75x. I looked at other Christmas Day openers, up until 2001, and H&W can proudly boast it only has the second-worst legs. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem garnered a multiple of 4.39x. But yeah, the fact that 47 Ronin had better legs says a lot.

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For me, Will Ferrell has been on a cold streak since Get Hard in 2015. With Holmes and Watson, the fact that he teamed up with his most beloved costar and yet managed to make arguably the biggest stink bomb of his career is probably gonna make more fans question their excitement for the next Will Ferrell movie.

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And if we’re being real Adam mckay’s will Ferrell movies are much better than his Oscar bait, if he’s just gonna continue going down his new lane as “what if Michael Moore made narrative features instead of docs”

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2 hours ago, Pinacolada said:

Heart breaking honestly. I wish Ferrell, Reilly, and Mckay would've gotten that border patrol comedy off the ground with McKay directing. That sounded like it could've been great with them 3.

Even if they hadn’t split, a border patrol comedy probably would not fit in very well today regardless of who was behind it.

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