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12 Strong: The Declassified True Story Of The Horse Soldiers | Formerly known as Horse Soldiers | 19.01.18 | Warner Brothers | Nicolai Fuglsig directing | Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, Trevonte Rhodes, Michael Pena, Austin Stowell and Rob Riggle

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Jerry Bruckheimer On The Pitch Circuit With Afghanistan War Tale 'Horse Soldiers'





After a long wait at Disney, Jerry Bruckheimer is finally making headway with the adaptation of Doug Stanton’s book at Lionsgate.

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Chris Hemsworth and Michael Shannon are set to star in the Afghanistan War drama “Horse Soldiers” for Black Label Media.

Nicolai Fuglsig is directing the film from a script by Peter Craig and Ted Tally. Black Label Media is co-financing the project.

Molly Smith, Trent Luckinbill, and Thad Luckinbill are producing with Jerry Bruckheimer through his Jerry Bruckheimer Films banner. Chad Oman is exec producing.

Based on Doug Stanton’s book, the film tells the true story of a U.S. Special Forces team and their captain, who are sent to a rugged, mountainous region of Afghanistan in the weeks immediately following 9/11


Nicolai Fuglsig’s Horse Soldiers, starring Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, Trevonte Rhodes, Michael Pena, Austin Stowell and Rob Riggle, has been set for January 19, 2018, when it will also get an Imax bow.

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Horse Soldiers tells the true story of a small band of American soldiers in Afghanistan joining forces with local Afghan troops to fight the Taliban on horseback, navigating the unforgiving terrain with WWI-era tactics. To prepare, Hemsworth, who plays Captain Mitch Nelson, took the chance to quiz some of the US soldiers who were there. “You’re hanging on to every word they say,” he tells Empire in the new issue, “because half your brain is thinking, ‘That couldn’t have happened,’ and the second half is immediately thinking, ‘How do we put that in the film?’”


It's a soldier. On a horse. Horse soldiers!


I predict a domestic total of $79,884,879.

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10 minutes ago, Cochofles said:

Take 60 % off of that total due to the fact that C-Hems is the star.


I have a precise methodology. I've averaged the dom. grosses of all war horse films; my prediction is thus 100% accurate.

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