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Eric Crowe

The Happytime Murders l STX l August 24, 2018 l Melissa McCarthy l Human/Puppet Hybrid l "May be the worst movie of the year"

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7 minutes ago, Morieris said:


I can see why this playing in front of Deadpool 2 would have big reactions!


Looks way better than I expected. I laughed quite a bit and I enjoyed McCarthy's character.


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18 minutes ago, Morieris said:

"I'm in the FUCKIN' FBI!"


"Yeah, ,what's that stand for, fuckin' big idiot?"


I didn't expect to laugh at this as much as I did....I kind of want to see it now.

I think I laughed the most at the "almost makes me wish I had a dick" and the "I am a woman" scenes. I particularly loved the prostitute puppets reaction to that last line. :D

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