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Ezen Baklattan

SURV(IV)OR: Episode 17 - Going Atomic

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*On the loser boat, where @slambros, @Fancyarcher, @JJ-8, @ChipMunky, @RandomJC, @Ethan Hunt, @4815162342, @CoolEric258, and @Goffe, among others, listen to Chasmmi.*

DAJK: Wait....so you’re telling the truth?

Chasmmi: Our group has good intentions. I had to win at any cost and defeat Wrath. But he had a fail safe. The three finalists are on his side.

Numbers: And we would know, wouldn’t we, Goffe?

Goffe: Indeed. We were working with him.

*The others gasp*

Elcaballero: You knew about Chasmmi’s plan?!

Numbers: Yes. Chasmmi picked me first for his team so he could free me from Wrath’s influence. I played along with his scheme and created drama between us, not to mention Goffe, to increase those juicy ratings and remove suspicion.

Goffe: When it came down to the merge, I knew Wrath would try to rope me into his Cougar alliance. I had to rig the system and get myself eliminated as soon as I could.

YourMother: Holy shit....you sacrificed yourself to stop Wrath?!

Goffe: Not yet. Wrath just needs one of them to win without things getting messed up further. But....I did gain enough of his trust to get this. It’s a hard drive with information about his project. The guy in a panda costume is clearly nuts. Who could be under that thing? Either way, he’s in charge of this shebang.

Numbers: I did some analysis with Goffe, and we found a way to disable the mind control chips. They’re oddly susceptible to mint leaves. A weakness so out there no one could think of it.

Ethan Hunt: That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard?

Chasmmi: Blame Wrath. He’s not as smart as he looks. But Numbers and Goffe may have helped me - and us- save the universe. we need to find a way to get the drive to WrathOfHan. He’s our only hope.

Goffe: Actually....drives. There’s three of them.

AABATTERY: One for each of the final three? Huh. What a coincidence.

Slambros: We can turn this ship around to the island! It’ll be a breeze!

Wrath: *on voiceover* Indeed it will be.


*A huge armada surrounds the loser ship. Armed droids surround the bottom 16 contestants, and each one is put on a cell.*

Slambros: Or not.

*They see a 17th cell open.....a prisoner is thrown in with a bag on his head.*

BourneFan: Is that...?!?!

RandomJC: No....they got him too!

*The bag is lifted as Spaghetti is tossed in the cell, unconscious*

Spaghetti: *In final breaths before going under* Get....the.....drives. *He passes out*

RandomJC: No!

ChipMunky: Don’t worry, babe; He looks like he’s unconscious. He’s still alive.

Wrath: *Walking in* For now, at least. I have the final three wrapped around my finger, and I intend to keep it that way. Their challenge will be to throw these drives into a volcano at the top of the island. Once that is done, everything will have been accomplished. And the semi-finale begins....now.


*WrathOfHan wakes up and gets breakfast*

WrathOfHan: Come on, Han. Don’t panic. This isn’t any scarier than the time Wonder Woman showed up at your fourth birthday and you cried so hard you made everyone leave. Just get into the finale then spill the beans. I’ll have them take my life instead of hers, so heroic sacrifice is checked. Right?

*Arlborn and Eevin walk in. They look incredibly down*

Eevin: The nightmares....they’re not stopping. Arlborn, I don’t know what to do.

Arlborn: *Hugging Eevin* It’s okay. We’re gonna get through this. We just have to *He gets shocked, Eevin screams* Obey....Wrath......

WrathOfHan: Of Han! Right?

Arlborn: Kill.....Han..... *He gets a knife*

Eevin: No! *He tackles Arlborn, but also gets a shock. He limps away.*

Arlborn: ....Crap. Han, I’m so sorry. (Coming to his senses)

WrathOfHan: Don’t worry....we’re gonna save you. Eevin......he seems a bit less affected. But I’ll save him too.

Eevin: Just....give me some coffee.....And I need my seasoning. *He drops a packet from his pocket. It looks suspiciously like weed.*

WrathOfHan: Um....

Eevin: Just give it to me! *He does, with some coffee.* Thanks!


*A loud siren blares. Wrath’s voice is overheard.*

Wrath: Finalists! To the stage!

*We see Wrath appear in place of Spaghetti in the stage. The final three receive three giant eggs*

WrathOfHan: Hey, what have you done to Spaghetti?

Wrath: I don’t know....should we ask your mom?

WrathOfHan: Forget it. What do you want?

Wrath: Each egg contains a special offering to the volcano gods of this island. You must complete this obstacle course relay and get your egg into the volcano. First one there earns a spot in the final two.

Eevin: What’s inside these eggs? Something confi-----confide in us that they wouldn’t be broken!

Wrath: Exactly. Break the egg and you are instantly eliminated. *WrathOfHan gulps.* Ready? Go!


*STAGE 1: The Robotic Dinosaur Slalom*

Arlborn: It’s time to shine, Wrath. *He excels in the course, acting like his former, arrogant and foolish self. He makes it across the line first*

WrathOfHan: Oh lordy. *He runs from the robotic T-Rex and narrowly avoids getting his leg bitten off.* What’s next?

Eevin: Oh sweet lord. *He gets swept up by a pterodactyl, who shocks him until he snaps into action for Wrath.*


Wrath: One stage down....Three to go.

*Back on the prison*

Chasmmi: The drives are in those eggs! It’s all lost!

Spaghetti: No, it can’t end like this! I won’t die having this on my conscience.

DAJK: You couldn’t have seen this coming Spaghetti, none of us could have.

YourMother: We’re here for each other now, and we have to help Chas.

Fancyarcher: Does anyone have a half decent idea?!


*STAGE 2: The Fire Rock Puzzle*

Arlborn: Easy as pie yet again. *He steps on all the right tiles without being exposed to the fire rocks*

WrathOfHan: Fuck it. *He runs quickly on all the rocks, yelling in anguishing pain. He somehow makes it to the line first*

Eevin: Gotta be safe this time *He proceeds extreme caution, but is shocked until he keeps moving at a faster pace.


Wrath: Half way point.

*Back on the prison*

Chasmmi: No! They’re getting closer!!!

That One Guy: Gah!!! I feel so anxious! I wish I had someone to help us! Those cute lil’ aliens are nowhere near us!

Elcaballero: Didn’t you run off and make friends with them?

That One Guy: Sort of their king and god now, made more than a few amends. Not important now. Unless.... *He blows a whistle that sounds like “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. The aliens arrive and destroy the bars! Everyone is free!*


*STAGE 3: The Great BOT Survivor Bake Off*

WrathOfHan: Wait....is that Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood? What? I gotta bake something! *He bakes something decent that they seem to like.*

Arlborn: *He makes a massive cake, but it falls upon delivery to the judge. He becomes enraged.*

Eevin: Here's my cake! I hope you like it. I feel like the stress of baking it made the shocks stop, so I feel especially great!

Paul Hollywood: It's quite good actually?

Mary Berry: Indeed. What's your secret?

Eevin: I used my secret coffee mix. Nutmeg, a little bit of apple spice, some mint leaves....


Wrath: Last challenge. It's go time.

*Back on the prison*


AABATTERY: It's all for nothing if they get to the volcano and we don't. That's probably the last challenge!

JJ-8 and CoolEric: Leave that to us. *They summon an army of Creech like aliens that create an epic wave sending the boat into the island. The losers all scream.*


*STAGE 4: Race to the Volcano*

*The final three must now run to the volcano. With seconds away, Arlborn, WrathOfHan, and Eevin are in a dead heat.*

WrathOfHan: Eevin! We have to destroy the eggs! We can make a pact - they can't eliminate all of us!

Eevin: Without Arlborn in on it, he'll win under Wrath's commands. It'll all be lost!

WrathOfHan: We'll work on him later. For now we have to --- look out!

*As they are steps away from the volcano peak, the ship lands right behind them, right on dry land. The three turn around.*


Chasmmi: Hey, guys!

WrathOfHan: What the fuck is going on?!?!

Numbers: There are drives in the eggs! You can't let them into the volcano. They have evidence that will destroy Wrath and his mission. Destroy them and it's all done for!

Wrath: No. They keep the eggs - I kill all of you. I have live weapons systems that could wipe out millions right off the bat. If I go out tonight, I go in style. *He holds a bazooka to the boat.* WrathOfHan you were the furthest of everyone. Give me the eggs, and you and your friends will live. I have my supervisor, Panda, here to make sure this goes through.

The Panda: It's time to put an end to this wretched world once and for all.

WrathOfHan: Fuck you. You lying, sociopathic, omnicidal, cruel, monsters.

Wrath: How kind of you. Guess you were useless after all though. Arlborn?

Arlborn: With pleasure. *He grabs the eggs and begins to walk to Wrath. Each step takes ages in their minds. The bottom 15 look on in horror one by one, as the tiny aliens bow their heads.*

Eevin: Arlborn....please. Don't do this. This isn't you.

Arlborn: It's not the old, weak, me. Wrath has made me evolve.

Eevin: I don't want you like that. I want the kind, loving, funny, clever, awkard Arlborn I once loved. Don't let him control you. Please. *Beginning to sob.* I wan't you back.

*Arlborn pauses and sees Eevin crying, while WrathOfHan also frowns.*

Wrath: What are you waiting for? Give me the eggs!!

The Panda: We aren't messing around. We WILL kill you!

Eevin: Arlborn, I love you.


*He runs to Arlborn and gives him a kiss. Arlborn closes his eyes and embraces it. Suddenly.....the pins fall off!! Everyone looks on in shock and delight, though The Panda and Wrath look on in horror.*


Arlborn: .....Still want to be my partner? I'll get that coin first this time! *Arlborn and Eevin embrace one again*

RandomJC: No way! The power of love saved Eevin!

Goffe: More likely the mint from Eevin's lips. But yes...in a way it was the power of love.

Wrath: Fools. This isn't the end! I still have the weapons systems, and I can easily --- *He backs up slowly along with The Panda - both fall into the Volcano.* AUUUGGGHHHH!!

WrathOfHan: Holy shit.

Spaghetti: *Walking up in crutches.* Don't worry. He'll be okay. The volcano should blast any time about.....now. (A huge blast of smoke sends Wrath and The Panda falling far away into the ocean. Shark fins surround them as they fall) Now, I'm not so sure about that. But we can still use the results of this challenge going forward. Meet back at the campfire stat.




*Everyone is gathered at the campfire, saluting Eevin, WrathOfHan, and Arlborn for successfully defeating Wrath and The Panda.*

Spaghetti: @That EddieKaspbrak Guy. @BourneFan #1. @aabattery. @DAJK. @elcaballero. @YourMother. @chasmmi. And this dummy of @Wrath that will spurt out random things. They will create an epic challenge for our finalists. But let's be real. They all deserve an awesome prize for saving the world, and they're gonna get one! However, only two can be our finalists. Let's look at the scores for this week.



@WrathOfHan - 84.04%

@Arlborn - 79.64%

@Eevin - 72.07%


WrathOfHan has done it! He's going to the final two! I need you to send me a Private Message by Sunday at 8PM EST telling me who you wish to face in the final two.


This has been a bumpy night. For now, let's get ready for an epic finale for....BOT Survivor.



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WrathOfHan: So I have to choose between two of my best friends?

Spaghetti: I'm sorry. But it's down to this choice.


*WrathOfHan looks at @Arlborn and @Eevin with nerves and guilt. He sighs.*


WrathOfHan: With careful consideration, I choose to face....



For helping me defeat Wrath, I choose Eevin.


Spaghetti: Very well. I'm sorry, Arlborn.

Arlborn: Yeah...it kind of sticks. But You got this Eevin! I'm rooting for you! *They kiss as Arlborn walks over to join the losers.*














Get ready for the most amazing finale yet. Arlborn, expect a PM in your message soon. Looking at the other challenges...you may have lucked out.


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