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What'll be the Big Blockbuster ($300M+) Breakouts of 2018

Biggest Blockbuster Breakout of 2018  

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  1. 1. What do you think the biggest breakout(s) of 2018 will be?

    • Black Panther (2/16/18)
    • Wrinkle In Time (3/9/18)
    • Ready Player One (3/30/18)
    • New Mutants (4/13/18)
    • Rampage (4/20/18)
    • Alita: Battle Angel (7/20/18)
    • The Grinch (11/9/18)
    • Mortal Engines (12/14/18)
    • Aquaman (12/21/18)
    • Mary Poppins Returns (12/25/18
    • Meg (8/10/18)
    • Tomb Raider (3/16/18)

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Throughout the years we have had numerous $300M+ breakout hits, It all started in 2008, where Iron Man and Dark Knight became unexpected breakouts, then in 2009 where James Cameron's Avatar became a $700M+ hit, 2010 bought us Alice in Wonderland, a Tim Burton remake of the Disney classic, and Toy Story 3, a beloved sequel to the beloved Pixar franchise. 2011 didn't really have any but in 2012, Avengers dominated and became the first film to open to $200M+ and legged it out to be the third highest grossing movie ever at the time, Hunger Games also became a $400M+ smash hit and Skyfall became the biggest Bond movie in the states. 2013 bought us Frozen, a new fairy tale from a new revitalized WDAS that became the biggest animated movie ever and 2014 bought us Guardians of The Galaxy, a movie that proved Marvel can sell anything with Vin Diesel as a Pokemon space tree. However 2015 kicked it up a notch and gave 4 breakouts, each over $300M+, American Sniper, a R rated drama that pulled of an impressive $300M+ total, Jurassic World, a sequel to the popular Jurassic Park series that went on to have the OW record and gross over $600M+, Inside Out, one of Pixar's biggest hits and best film since arguably Up, and Minions, a spinoff of the Minions characters in Despicable Me causing the rise of Illumination. 2016 bought us even more with Deadpool, an R rated superhero movie, Zootopia, a truly excellent WDAS movie with thought provoking messages, Jungle Book a remake of the beloved classic which gain unexpected traction, Finding Dory which broke Shrek 2's unadjusted record for biggest animated movie in the states and made $485M+ and Secret Life of Pets, an Illumination movie that many on here dislike brokeout to Inside Out levels. 2017 has bought us Wonder Woman, which crosses $400M+ today, and Beauty and The Beast, both over $400M+ domestically, which has me to wonder what'll be the next $300M+ breakouts of 2018.

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3 minutes ago, IN BKB WE TRUST said:

I'm voting for "Other" like MEG which is being heavily underestimated.. I truly see this being a Summer JURASSIC WORLD Type of Breakout.. We shall see next August..

BKB, for you, I'll add Meg.

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Poppins could surprise and I wouldn't be surprised if ended up doing more than Aquaman although I think the two will co-exist. 


Animation wise, I think The Incredibles 2 and Grinch will do $400m and $300-350m respectively. 



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4 minutes ago, That Floating Guy said:

Breaking out as in defying all expectations and beating every prediction that a film has been given?  Or just breaking out as in "woo 300M."


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