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Question of the Week Summer Survival Thread - Hopefully harder than Winter edition...

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Not quite an SOTM, but also not quite a preseason. This is a little bit like the old Who wants to be a Millionaire SOTM of the past but it runs every week. 


It is one thread. One question per week and a simple Yes/No or Over/Under question. 


e.g. Ragnarok makes $100M Over / Under?


Players post in this thread their prediction and the thread is locked over the weekend. 


Survivor Thread Tweaks:


1 question per week for 20 weeks


Correct answer is 20000 points (Cumulates)

Incorrect answer cashes you out at half the points won over the player's current answer streak

Cash Out cashes you out at full points won



After cashing out, players are automatically reentered into the next question, but the points per question is reduced as follows:


After first reentry - 15,000 points

After Second reentry - 10,000 points

After Third Reentry - 7,000 points

After Fourth Reentry - 5,000 points

After Fifth Reentry - 3,000 points is the lowest limit.



If a player gets all the way to the end without being wrong or cashing out, they will get a 150,000 point bonus.

If a player gets all the way to the end without being wrong with 1 cash out, they will get a 100,000 point bonus.

If a player gets all the way to the end without being wrong with 2 cash outs, they will get a 75,000 point bonus.

If a player gets all the way to the end without being wrong with 3 cash outs, they will get a 50,000 point bonus.

If a player gets all the way to the end without being wrong with 4 or more cash outs, they will get a 25,000 point bonus.



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Expect these to become actual questions soon.


Week 1: April 27th Weekend: - Will Infinity open to more than $200M?


Week 2: May 4th Weekend: - Will Overboard open in 2nd place?


Week 3: May 11th Weekend: - Will any film be within $20M of Infinity War?


Week 4: May 18th Weekend: - Will Deadpool 2 make more than $100M?



Week 5: May 25th Weekend: - Will Solo's OW be closer to Infinity War or Deadpool's?


Week 6: June 1st Weekend: - Will Action Point make more than Adrift?


Week 7: June 8th Weekend: - Will Hereditary make more than 40% of its OW on the Friday?


Week 8: June 15th Weekend: - Will Oceans 8 drop more than 54%?



Week 9: June 22nd Weekend: - Will Jurassic Worlds OW beat Incredibles 2's?


Week 10: June 29th Weekend: - Will Sicario 2 drop more than 33% on Sunday?


Week 11: July 6th Weekend: - Will Antman and the Wasp increase on Saturday from its true (without previews) Friday?


Week 12: July 13th Weekend: - Will Hotel Transylvania 3 and Skyscraper combine to a higher OW than at least one of the superhero films that already released this summer?



Week 13: July 20th Weekend: - Will Incredibles 2 drop more than 30%?


Week 14: July 27th Weekend: - Will Mission Impossible make more than $15M every day of the weekend?


Week 15: August 3rd Weekend: - Will Christopher Robin steal all our hearts have an internal multiplier above 3?


Week 16: August 10th Weekend: - Will The Meg have a higher internal mulitplier than Skyscraper did?



Week 17: August 17th Weekend: - Will Crazy Rich Asians have a better Saturday percentage change than Happytime Murders?


Week 18: August 24th Weekend: - Will Christopher Robin have the highest PTA of any Disney film still in release?


Week 19: August 31st Weekend: - Will Deadpool have a better Sunday percentage change than Jurassic World?



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