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The top 106 Movie Songs Countdown 2019 Edition, because 106 is best number

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13 hours ago, chasmmi said:

And with that, the list is concluded. Thank you all for following along, and I will see you all again in the future for some list or other some day. 

Can I ask how many songs that someone picked as no.1 didn’t make the top 106.



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13 hours ago, chasmmi said:

3rd place: 347 points (10 votes, 4 first, 1 top 5)

Ashes - Deadpool 2



Celine Dion is an all time great performer. She has sung more than a few great songs in her times, including some great film soundtracks. But out of all of them, this is the one that received the most love. 4 1st place votes made it the only song to top more than 1 list and thus we see the massive jump in points over 4th place. 


It's also the highest rated song to not be performed during the film itself, but more be the melodic glue that holds a key scene together. We always knew Celine would make the list as she has so much vocal support for her songs, and I am glad Ashes was the one to top score. 


In a shock result, her next highest placed finish was a mere 322nd, with My Heart Will Go On, clearly proof if it were needed, that Titanic is nothing compared to the juggernaut that is Deadpool. 




10 hours ago, JamesCameronScholar said:

Thanks for doing this @chasmmi! A well deserved win for WoZ, although I'm genuinely surprised that My Heart Will Go On didn't even manage to break the top 100! I guess I am out of touch with what people like! 


Looking forward to your next list! 


I have a sneaking feeling Chas is trying to pull a swiftly on us. Both songs by Celine. Mmmmmm very suspicious :ph34r::rofl:

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