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Cars 3 | 6.16.2017 | Trailer Page 14

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I wonder who is the main character of this film. I hope it is the character from Cars 2 my 5 year old cousin calls Mater's girlfriend because he says that she is his favorite character. Altough he might have grown out of the franchise by the time the 3rd film comes out, this franchise is meant for so young children. Meh, maybe his 2 year old brother will be fan of this film.

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UGH. Was seriously hoping beyond all reason that this would somehow get cancelled and replaced with an original after IO did so well. But it looks like it must actually be well into development if they've got it set only 2 years from now. Meanwhile, Incredibles 2 seems like they are pushing it as far back as they can almost as if to say "hey, this movie is still tentative and might not actually happen." Joy.  :mellow:

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I imagine Universal and Illumination are pleased Toy Story 4 moved back a year as Cars 3 won't have an impact on DM3 as much as TS4 would have.

Now Illumination has to worry about Minions 2 going up against Toy Story 4. You know it's true. :ph34r:

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The Cars brand is a license to print money, but that shouldn't be the ONLY reason to make a sequel. :wacko:

Well we can't speak for this one yet, but I refuse to believe Cars 2 was made for anything but that. There's no way Lasseter or anyone else actually thought that plot was a story that really needed to be told. 

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