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LEGO's Ninjago | Lego Movie Spin-off | September 22, 2017 | Trailer on page 3

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10 hours ago, cannastop said:

Got a feeling that this is going to disappoint. Maybe it won't reach $100m.


Me too. The first one was "cute" and something new. Warner Bros. (and all the non-Disney studios) are furiously chomping at the bit for any new cash cows that they overindulged (two back to back spinoffs and a sequel in 2019), thinking that they had a lucrative tentpole for years to come. Ninjago will struggle to reach $150m dom

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This  is going to be the brand new Penguins of Madagascar. Kids and families are gonna choose to stay at home and watch the TV show for free rather than go out and see this at the cinema.

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...Legos aren't great for depicting anything but tiny babies, ambiguous 'adults', and old people, because I had no idea those were supposed to be teenagers.


I thought they were the motley crew of twentysomethings who hang out at a dojo all day until they get The Call to Action.

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