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LEGO's Ninjago | Lego Movie Spin-off | September 22, 2017 | Trailer on page 3

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I'm conflicted on what to do predicting wise.


On one hand, my love for TLM franchise and fact that this looks funny and the twist might help draw in more of the GA, says a HT1 ($40M/$140M) run or a HT2 ($48M/$170M).



On the other. Given with the previous TV show could impact grosses like Penguins/Dragon2/TLBM and go sub $100M.


On the third hand, I can go full TOG with Valerian and predict with my heart.

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the new trailer is really good. Shame it spoils both the cat thing and the arm gag, both would've been fun surprises.


Still second trailer actually makes this worth seeing+it's honestly better than any of the LEGO Batman trailers imo. Looking forward to it

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3 minutes ago, Spaghetti of 1000 Planets said:

The best thing about the cat is that it's a good sign that, unlike LEGO Batman, it's going to make more allusions to the real world and bolster the theme of it being a kid's imagination.

That might work towards its favor.

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Friday - $12 million

Saturday - $20.5 million

Sunday - $14.5 million / $47 million


Monday - $2.3 million

Tuesday - $3 million

Wednesday - $2.1 million

Thursday - $2 million


Friday - $8 million

Saturday - $17 million

Sunday - $10.6 million / $35.6 million (-24.2%) / $92 million


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