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CHIPS | 03.24.17 | Warner Brothers | final gross ● 18.60M

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3 hours ago, BKB IS CAPTAIN AMERICA said:


This movie is like 20 years too late.. They're also making a THREE'S COMPANY movie, which I have no idea how something like that is going to work in 2016 when the show centered around a guy living with 2 women with plenty of sexism jokes and Gay jokes from the landlord as well.. People in this day age are too hung up on all this PC Bullshit and the moment Hollywood would even stick remotely close to the outline of the TV Show, someone would get offended and bitch about it on FACEBOOK.. Lot's of luck on THREE'S COMPANY.. Unless it pokes fun at itself, I just don't se how this is going to work..

The only one hung up on this is you.

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1 hour ago, BKB IS CAPTAIN AMERICA said:


Thinking about it, the only way and I mean, the ONLY way to even make a THREE'S COMPANY movie work would be if it's poking fun at itself and is so self aware like the BRADY BUNCH Movie was and both of them were Excellent with the sequel being even better than the 1st movie.. Nothing more satisfying seeing Tim Matheson trip off of Mushrooms in the Brady Household, at the dinner table no less from eating Alice's Spaghetti after she put "Fresh Mushrooms" in it.. :rofl:

The Brady Bunch movie made

some money for a dreadful beginning to 1995. 

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