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The Upside (Intouchables Remake) | Jan 11 2019 | STX picks it up | Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart. Neil Burger to direct.

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4 hours ago, Jonwo said:

What was wrong with Untouchable? The Upside makes it sound like a bad comedy


Because the original title was INtouchable, no one knows wtf that means.

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The book was Le Second Souffle, a second wind in English.


The book title is probably a reference that becoming together was a second wind for both men .


The movie was Intouchales (The intouchables in english)


If I understand correctly the movie title it was because the rich guy is kind of untouchable (no feeling below the neck) and the poor seen as dangerous characther that become is friend was untouchable because you should not get close to people like that.


The Upside is simply reusing directly the Second Wind original title of the book imo.

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I didn't know this was being remade, but Kevin Hart is not who I'd expect to be cast as the caretaker. And I wonder why the release date is so far away if the movie has already been screened for critics. 





“The Upside” isn’t a serious or credible treatment of the disabled, just as it isn’t a serious or credible film about bridging the racial divide, because, like “The Intouchables,” it turns its based-on-a-true-story premise into clichéd and synthetic handkerchief-soaker. But Hart gets to open up into a rangier performance that adds sincerity and heart to his manically funny persona, which still gets plenty of latitude. And after a series of grim roles post-“Breaking Bad,” Cranston rediscovers the mischievousness that he hasn’t accessed enough since “Malcolm in the Middle.” He can only move his neck and his face, but he plays Phil with a disarming glint in the eye.


So little has been done to update or refresh “The Intouchables” for American culture or a new audience that “The Upside” has no integrity as a separate piece of work. The casting alone is all that’s keeping it from sinking into a cynical act of franchise burnishing. That may be enough for the Weinsteins to return their investment, but Hart and Cranston deserve a better vehicle than this used model.



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