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The Boss Baby OS thread - 16m OS so far

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DWA/20th Century Fox

From DreamWorks Animation, the Fox release has nothing to cry about in Russia where a $10.3M No. 1 opening is Fox’s biggest ever on an animated title. The Tom McGrath-helmed pic stars Alec Baldwin (in the English-language version) as the eponymous besuited infant who infiltrates the Templeton family house with an agenda beyond just learning to crawl. The total offshore debut was $16.3M in five markets and on 2,083 screens.


Australia adopted this baby to the tune of $4.1M at No. 2. Peru was next with $883K at No. 2 and 5% bigger than Despicable Me 2. Ukraine came in at No.1 with $519K (2.3 times bigger than Megamind whose IBO final was $173.5M), and Chile was also over that film by 11% with $450K at No. 1.

There is a lot of competition in the family space during school holidays over the next several weeks, but the new concept appears to be clicking thus far. Another comp here to keep an eye on is DWA’s Home which released in March 2015 and went on to $209M offshore.

Boss Baby waddles into 36 more markets next frame.



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Rattling up $37.5M in 46 markets, the DreamWorks Animation Fox release handily crawled past $100M at the international box office. The total to date is $110.4M with 30 more markets to be delivered on this baby.


Despite warm, sunny weather in the UK, families went out for Alec Baldwin’s tough guy kid with $9.9M at No. 1 (including previews) and 49% bigger than The Croods, 47% bigger than Trolls.

Mexico held No. 1 in the 2nd session with $3.4M and a 40% drop ($12M cume). France likewise was No. 1 for the 2nd frame in a row, topping local newcomer A Bras Ouverts with $3.2M and a 37% drop from open ($9.8M cume). The next best results were in Brazil ($2.1M/$6.2M cume); Germany ($1.9M/$5M cume); and Australia ($1.8M/$8.8M cume — up 21% versus last weekend).

The lead market remains Russia at $24M. In comparable markets and at today’s exchanges, The Boss Baby is cooing louder than Trolls (+63%), Rio (+40%), The Croods (+20%) and Sing (+14%).


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Dreamworks Animation’s The Boss Baby added $36.8m from 61 markets for $171.1m, buoyed by a $4.3m number two debut in Spain and a $4.4m hold in the UK for $20.5m after two sessions. The comedy animation opened in Hong Kong in second place on $2.8m and arrived in second place in Argentina on $1.9m.


Source: Screen Daily


400M+ WW possible?

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1 hour ago, Mr Impossible said:

Could see it doing $50M+ in China. So $500M is still in play. 


According to members in the China forum, this won't be released in China (not sure if quota issue or something else). Along with not getting a release in Japan, Boss Baby is missing out a huge chunk of the Asian market. 

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Boss Baby did solid business in Indian Metros as well. Usually these kind of movies go unnoticed but this movie had a baby theme which most of them liked. Well deserved success.

Btw why no release in Japan? They could give it a try if movies like Hunger Games can release and gross within 5mln why not this?

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