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Avengers Infinity War OW contestaroo

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I'm feeling generous and really looking forward to this weekend, so hopefully this will make it even more fun:


4 months of premium on the line here, one month each to the closest guesses for Infinity War's opening weekend days, including Thursday previews.  Post your guess for each day separately, and also for the weekend as a whole.    


Tiebreaker for Thursday previews (since they get reported usually only down to hundred thousands and there will probably be a few of the same guesses on that) is whoever gets closer to the OW total. So if 4 people all guess $42.5 million for previews and that ends up being the reported number on Friday morning, the person who also got closest to the weekend total will get the month of premium for that day.  And post at least down to the thousands for FSS to avoid needing tiebreakers for those 3 days.  


  $38,500,000 - Thursday

  $60,475,000 - Friday

  $71,152,500 - Saturday

  $54,352,500 - Sunday

$224,480,000 - weekend


Entries accepted up until Thursday at 7pm eastern when showtimes start, and it'll cash out with actuals sometime on Monday.

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If I happen to win any of these, obviously I will defer to the next closest.


Previews:  39M

Friday :  62.5

Sat:  71.5

Sunday:  61.15



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2 hours ago, MovieMan89 said:

Haha, took me a minute to figure out what you were getting at here, but you’re right. TA was pre-Thursday night previews, so therefore still holds the FSS record.

Didn't TA make 17mil Thursday night?




Thursday: 52mil

Friday: 69mil

Saturday: 75mil

Sunday: 64mil


Total: 260mil

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