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That One Girl

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins | July 23 2021 | Robert Schwentke | Henry Golding is Snake Eyes

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25 minutes ago, MrPink said:


It's going back down. STOP THE COUNT

Pardon? Of course it will likely end rotten and lower. But the last time I looked there it was in the low 40ies. 

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1 hour ago, jimisawesome said:

I don't undertand the reviews this is as good or better than the Marvel films but with better action set pieces.  Yet they get praised this gets killed.

It is not as good as the MCU films; trust me.. watch it and you will know.


Too many scenes of just Henry Golding starring at the camera.. emotionless.. And the plot is just predictable, repetitive.

Action scenes - the cameras are shaky / constant change of angles + stunt doubles pretty obvious..


I mean I am not a fan of BW; i don't think it is good and feel that it is one of the worst MCU films - but this is honestly even worse than that...

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2 minutes ago, Snake Eric said:

I'd really prefer not to give this Geeks & Gamers grifter any sort of attention or spotlight here. The man's known for using fanboy movies as a way to spout alt-right beliefs and I really don't want this stuff here.


Understood. I cant beleive that youtube channel is still going.

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16 minutes ago, AJG said:


Understood. I cant beleive that youtube channel is still going.

You'll be amazed how much mileage you can get out of manbaby outrage towards reboots of 80s properties. These dudes will get mad at anything! There's outrage on Twitter over that new He-Man Netflix cartoon being too woke. He-Man!

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Never thought I'd see fucking Geeks and Gamers of all people quoted here, but here we are. This guy was a pain in the ass during the releases of both The Last Jedi and Captain Marvel.


Ironically for the former, their bitching and moaning was a major reason as to how and why The Rise of Skywalker turned out the way it did. Hopefully Marvel doesn't bend the knee since their "controversial" movie is being continued soon.

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