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Ezen Baklattan

SUR(V)IVOR: Episode 6 - Crazy Rich Survivors

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I think this upcoming episode is one that I've really been anticipating from a personal standpoint, mainly because it's such a different week from the other ones so far. Both the story and the game are getting more and more interesting as it goes along!

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@baumer @captainwondyful @chasmmi @Claire of Themyscira @DAJK @Empire @Keanu @Rorschach @Sheikh @Slambros @WrathOfHan @YourMother the Edgelord @ZeeSoh


We're approaching the part of Survivor where only the strong can survive. And let me tell you, looking at these results, it was a hell of a cutthroat weekend. 


I'm going to actually work from the middle and announce the scores. Everyone predicted, so we have that, at least.


With that, let's begin.



These players can breathe now:


6th: Sheikh - 80.90%

7th: Empire - 80.49%

8th: DAJK - 80.20%


And these as well:


5th: Claire - 81.18%


9th: Baumer - 79.84%


Right before the final and bottom 3...


4th: CaptainWondyful - 81.84%


10th: Chasmmi - 78.08%


In 11th place, with 77.33%:




In 3rd place, with 85.13%:




It's also worth noting that both 1st and 2nd place will receive a special prize this round. 1st especially. But 2nd place is still pretty great. It goes to...with a score of 85.89%:




And just on the edge of fear, but still safe: 12th place goes to this person with a score of 68.48%:




Only two players are left. One is in first place, the other is going home. The final results are...


1st: Slambros - 90.27%


13th: ZeeSoh - 68.31%

ZeeSoh: What?!

Spaghetti: I'm sorry mate, but you're out of here.

ZeeSoh: That's impossible. I did the calculations. I didn't know that I would.....oh, I need to talk to someone.

*ZeeSoh walks over to chasmmi*

ZeeSoh: You know, I have the feeling you had something to do with this, so I'll just take care of this now.

*ZeeSoh slaps chasmmi.*

Chasmmi: Anything else you'd like to do this fine evening?

ZeeSoh: I suppose there is one thing.

*They kiss.*

ZeeSoh: See you later, you adorably conniving bastards.

Chasmmi: Right back at you, love.





Well that was a dramatic turn of events. Tune in Monday for a new episode with more big twists and turns!

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Well this was my first Survivor and I had a blast. Thanks and kudos to @Spagheditary for conducting this excellently and for the great script every week. I hope to play again next time


To all my team mates




Now originally I had scored around 82% but I know one/some of you used coins against me. I was too good and too much of a threat I guess 😜. But I will soon find you. In the meanwhile to whoever screwed me





It better not be you Chasmmi

Edited by ZeeSoh
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Well. Before you hear it from anybody else, it was definitely me that lower your score and I'm pretty sure there were others that did as well LOL take it as a compliment though you're a strong player so I had to get rid of you.

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Ooof... so one team pools their coins to eliminate the top player from the other team... damn that’s fuckin savage and I’m pissed I didn’t think of it first :lol: well done everyone.


@ZeeSoh shame though, you coulda definitely made top 5. See ya for the game next year I assume!

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