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1917 | Christmas 2019 limited, Jan 10 2020 wide | Universal | 19th Most Profitable Movie of 2019

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12 hours ago, dudalb said:

And when he finally gets to the Major it's Dr.Strange.

I really think having relatively unknown actors as the leads in this film was a good idea . Not that Holalnd could not have played the role well, but he brings some baggage with him.

Definitely agree with this. Sometimes an Unknown actor brings you into the world and makes it more relatable. Like what they did with Avatar, would have been hard to be fully immersed in a never seen before world if Leo was the main lead

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LOL, this film was rated R??!!


It could have been WAY more atmospheric and terrifying. I expected and wanted it to be, considering its topic.


See the brilliant The Cut (2014) of Fatih Akin - about the Armenian genocide. Now that is a movie I could never forget. Absolutely ghastly and soul-stirring.


While 1917 here was like a walk in the park, literally. 😕


I like many things about it - but it was boring, frankly. First 15 minutes are great, with all the tension and anticipation - and then when you expect to descent in HELL, it just gets slower and more boring all the way to the end.

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Even though Universal/Amblin/New Republic’s 1917 lost the big prize, many believe the pic stands to final at $150M domestic, repping a 13% jump following tonight’s ceremony where it won best VFX, Cinematography and Sound Mixing.


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Like Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, 1917 played strong without big stars. It earned $375M worldwide through the first quarter of this year. The film was cleared to play in China before coronavirus shut everything down, and is expected to follow through when theaters re-open there. That territory’s box office typically sees a 25% rental for the studio, so we could be looking at total revenues north of $367M if that happens. New Republic co-financed the $100M production cost before global P&A of $115M. Participations of $20M go largely to Mendes, considering the fresh-faced lead actors. Net profit is figured at $77M after worldwide costs of $290M.


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