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Eric Ross

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse l June 2 2023 | Animators deserve better

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16 minutes ago, WittyUsername said:

June next year is looking pretty crowded. 

Summer 2023 is certainly looking like we'll be back to regular warm weather moviegoing after the relatively light schedule this year and last. One blockbuster or an aspiring one almost each and every week for three months straight until August (which is looking to be more stacked than this upcoming August is shaping to be 1.5 years in advance, funnily enough).

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I trust the team of Lord/Miller/Callahan/Kemp/Thompson/ATLA Guy who ruined Voltron for this, and am glad the animation team is getting a rest and not being pressured to finish on time (I suspect the move wasn’t so much that Sony needed a hit for 2023, but I suspect the old 6/23/23 spot was SpiderVerse 2 Part 2 and needed more time in animation). There’s still a lot of time to move but they chose an absolutely the worst spot in 2023 for it, confidence or not.

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Not sure I understand Sony's rationale with the date. I get the moving due to conspiracy theory below, however sandwiched between Little Mermaid remake, Transformers, and a new Pixar movie seems to be putting the movie in a position to not be as successful as it could be. And then releasing another Spider related movie, even if Live Action, a month later. I'm scratching my head here.



3 hours ago, Thanos Legion said:

Crackpot biased conspiracy theory: Morbiflop+ ongoing post-NWH negotiations impacted SSU plans for 2023 and beyond and they felt they needed the two surefire hits of spiderverse to fill the gaps 


I don't think this is too far fetched. We know they hadn't sign prior to NWH and Rothman mentioned they had to "ride this puppy and see what happens"




Putting my conspiracy theory hat on. After the success of NWH Sony or Marvel wanted to see how the standalone Morbius would do before signing the extension. With the Morbius bomba Sony decided to move stuff around for their SSU and Animation to guarantee hits next year as Marvel will probably ask for more than the current deal (i.e. 25/75 cofi/profit splitting). They still need to do the ensemble movie before this current deal runs out, but I would think that sometime this year we'll hear if and when they renewed and what the terms were.


3 hours ago, Grebacio said:

Wonder if Morbius will be the lowest rated movie with Spiderman characters, or if Kraven/Madame Web can go lower.


It can go lower, certainly. However we don't know if Kraven or Madame Webb will have Spider-Man which will help with the BO, but even with that it can still bomba.

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This movie will have zero premium screens if it keeps that date. The weekend after LM, the weekend before Transformers, two weeks before a Pixar Movie and 3 weeks before direct competition with Flash which is live action. And just in case it try to get some air Indy 5 coming to cap off the month.


even if Transformers and Flash underperform they will do so with all the IMAX and Dolby available. Animation is always looked down when it comes to premium screens let alone non DISNEY/Pixar animation.  And that’s just the US, the overseas treatment will be even worse.



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