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BOT's Top 25 Movies of 2019 | The forums can eat shit

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#25-1 TIE










“Big Meets Superman” – a simple concept finally brought to life after 2 decades in development hell. Zachary Levi brought Captain Marvel Shazam to life in a movie which was somehow both too light and too dark in the same movie. David F Sandberg helmed this movie and brought his own flair to it and will return to helm the sequel as well. A critical and commercial win for the DC Universe which is recovering from the dark days of 2013-2016.


User Reviews:

Seeing disabled, picked-on foster child Freddy Freeman finally feel powerful for the first time in the third act perfectly encapsulated why super heroes are important.

What a great movie. Genuinely funny, surprisingly humane, and built largely around character work and not on needlessly over-complicated plot machinations, none of the emotional beats felt manipulative or needlessly saccharine like so many movies dealing with subject matter like foster families can, and it's refreshing to see one of these where you can tell the action wasn't entirely made by some second-unit pre-vis team. It feels so much more than just a "fun" superhero film. Also surprised by Sandberg's horror roots shining through as often as they did, and surprised at how much I dug Mark Strong's turn as Sivana.

Also, that shot where he jumps off the roof and shouts Shazam!, bookended by the scenes it was, is one of the best shots in any of these live-action funnybook movies in ages. - @TMP


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#25-2 TIE










The Conclusion of Dreamworks’ most critically successful trilogy ended the story in a satisfying manner. Toothless and Hiccup have definitely created a niche for themselves in pop culture.


User Reviews:

Was originally going to check out Fighting With My Family next week as my weekend-movie. But I really do want to see this again to be honest. Easily the best movie of 2019 so far, and if it weren't for Spiderverse, I would say it is the best major studio animated film since Coco or Inside Out.

The characters and world in this franchise are just so well-realized, and the movie is directed and written with such maturity. It does not treat its child audience as kids, but rather as people capable of grasping complex themes and emotions. And none of it is heavy-handed as well. This is a movie that kids today are going to grow up with and get more and more from it with each watch as they get older.

Perfect way to end the franchise as well. By first having Hiccup face off against someone who represented himself had he made the choice to kill Toothless in the first movie (I made a post about that in the weekend thread), to finally having Hiccup and Toothless reuniting with their children many years later. Really very touching. My only regret is not watching parts 1 and 2 immediately before going to see this (I hadn't seen them in a few years, and most definitely would have shed some tears had they been fresh in my mind).

The animation is incredible. Holy shit the sand when toothless was drawing in it. It looked REAL. Haven't been this impressed in animation since Moana. And the action sequences are truly exciting. Really really happy at how this is performing. Hopefully it can hold its own against Cap Marvel until Dumbo, and can leg it out to 200+.




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#161 to #179


161 Harriet
162 First Love
163 Float
164 Forky Asks a Question: What Is A Friend?
165 Gully Boy
166 Hair Love
167 Little Monsters
168 Purl
169 The Best Of Enemies
170 Brian Banks
171 Child’s Play
172 Diane
173 Don’t Let Go
174 Anna
175 Atlantics
176 Captive State
177 The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind
178 The Perfection
179 The Red Sea Diving Resort
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One of the funnier movies of 2019 and a stealth rom-com, Long Shot was well liked by users, enough to get it to #24. Long Shot sometimes skews close to wish fulfilment in the time of Trump but it leans into that more than shies away. Seth Rogen and Charlize both give really good performances, and O’Shea Jackson Jr. steals the show as a supportive best friend.


User Review:

Long Shot takes a concept that could make for a major mismatch – political satire melded with a rom-com with unlikely leads – and makes it work well thanks to the chops and chemistry of its stars. Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen have both demonstrated high comedic aptitude in past performances, and they’re both near the top of their respective light-hearted games here. Theron’s comedic timing and ability to wring laughs out of a serious character letting loose works to terrific effect here, and she’s stellar as always in making some of her character’s more vulnerable moments feel all too genuine. Rogen walks a fine line between the laugh-out-loud outrageous material he’s known for and a more seriocomedic tone, and he sells the intelligent and unconventionally charming characters that make his character appealing to Theron’s. I’m sure some viewers will complain that this film traces another case of a schlubby guy being rewarded with a gorgeous woman, but the script makes noticeable effort to show how the leads’ romantic connection springs from an obvious and understandable spark, and the chemistry that Theron and Rogen share makes it feel real and worthy of rooting for. There’s a hefty amount of fun political comedy as well, though the film is at its best when exploring the central relationship and how each person’s passions prove attractive to the other. The film runs just a tad long at a little over two hours, but it’s so funny and has such a winning combination in Theron and Rogen that it’s hard to resist.


Stray Thoughts:

- I had no idea whatsoever that Andy Serkis was in this movie until I looked at the IMDB page afterward. Damn, dude.

- That red dress was gorgeous!

- O'Shea Jackson, Jr. needs to be in more movies. Between this and Ingrid Goes West, the guy is clearly really solid in comedy.

- The irony of TV star Bob Odenkirk playing a man who laments how few TV stars have broken into movies was definitely not lost on me.



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A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood






Didn’t watch this one but Tom Hanks looks like Mister Rogers.


User Reviews:

A loving and delightful tribute to Mr. Rogers. Less of a biopic and more of a tale about how his words and wisdom repairs the life of a reporter covering him for a puff piece, it would be easy for the most cynical moviegoer to pick this apart, but wisely, director Marielle Heller keeps things from becoming mawkish and the recreations of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood are perfectly nostalgic. While he's more of a supporting character (the main reporter is played in a very solid performance by Matthew Rhys), the main reason most people are likely to see it is Tom Hanks. While we're always aware we're seeing Hanks and not the real Fred Rogers, he captures what made the man so special as well as he did Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks. You couldn't really ask for a better actor to play this type of role, and the movie can sag a bit when he's not on screen. But what really makes the movie soar, however, is the spirit of Rogers. At a time when there is so much awfulness in the world, it's nice to see a movie that serves as a reminder of someone who was truly inspiring. B+



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Ari Aster and a star making turn from Florence Pugh gave us the best horror movie of 2019.


User reviews:

Pretty much liked all of it.  I don't think it needed to be 2.5 hours long and I think some of the decisions the characters make are questionable and more in tune with what Friday the 13th characters would do (like at one point I was expecting some of them to say "I'll be right back").  But other than those small complaints, it's a terrific horror movie.  It develops the characters and it allows you to get to know them to the point where you love or despise them so that when the messed up stuff does happen you empathize and feel for what they go through.  I didn't care for Hereditary, not because Ari Aster didn't do some good things in it but because the story and the plot and the ending especially, were just way too dumb for me.....Midsommar rectifies all of that.  I'd recommend this to everyone.  It's violent and brutal and I enjoyed all of it.  And FWIW, me and Tele both called the Wicker Man ending after the first trailer, which came out months ago.




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141 to 160


141 The Day Shall Come
142 In My Room
143 Angel Has Fallen
144 Jallikattu
145 War
146 Bait
147 Brittany Runs a Marathon
148 IP Man 4
149 Everybody Knows
150 Kitbull
151 Brightburn 
152 Charlie's Angels
153 Freaks 
154 Hala
155 Monos
156 Where'd You Go, Bernadette
157 Escape Room
158 Ma
159 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil 
160 Harpoon
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Way too low!

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User Reviews:

I am a big fan of Frozen 1, this movie reminded me of the golden era of Disney animated movie, the 90s and it was delicious even if Tangled was pretty amazing already.

So yeah I was highly anticipating Frozen 2, even knowing that sequels are rarely as good as the original movie but still, I somehow trusted Disney all along with this and particularly WDAS which never disappointed me. I saw it on November 20 in my current country, verdict!

Is Frozen 2 as good as the first one? I think it is, in some respects it's way better I might say but it's also so different that it's hard to compare as this movie has a darker tone and mostly happens in an uncharted territory: same characters but a completely different environment.

-The animation is definitely superior, the best animation ever seen, it's absolutely gorgeous from beginning to end..They put everything they had in it!

-The movie is funny, serious, magical, sad and full of joy...Many emotions are felt while watching it and it's a real pleasure to have these characters on screen once again! I just can't imagine a world without Frozen 2 because it brings a lot to the mythology with a pretty unexpected end.

-The songs, of course, the songs! There are more of them than in Frozen 1 and beyond the first half this time, the quality is as good as in the 1st movie so it's a real treat. I don't know whether they'll be as catchy as the others for the kids but they're amazing!

It's hard to tell more without spoilering so I will just say it got an A from me, I'm highly satisfied and I don't think a sequel could have been better than that, not much better in any way, they did what they had to do with their usual talent ! I love Frozen 2 and can't wait to see it again!



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We can say a lot of things about this movie, from highly entertaining to a good look at people’s struggles, but JLO pretty much overwhelms the movie. Her entrance to Fiona Apple is already an iconic moment






Really enjoyed this! Ramona and Destiny had such an interesting and complicated friendship. JLo is fantastic but I thought Wu was very good in a less flashy role. Destiny's relationship with her grandmother was touching, it was good to learn that she wasn't totally naive and had maybe lived a little when she was young. Should have known she was doomed, I teared up when Ramona appeared at the funeral in one of those giant coats.

Every time the women were shown on spending sprees I was thinking, "Come on ladies, think about your long-term future-more property, less bling!"  Destiny ended up buying herself a nice little house at least.

The soundtrack was a fun blast from the recent past. Usher had a whole song about being cool with dating strippers, of course he would be happy to cameo as himself. Lizzo's big moment, lol.

Julia Stiles was fine, the moment where she hesitates before drinking the tea is nice, but maybe the script could have done a little more for her than "stock journalist character". Cardi B made me laugh, I wonder if she got to ad-lib any of her lines.

It will be a shame when JLo gets all the Supporting Actress nominations when she's clearly one of the leads, and the movie's true star supporting actress Madeline Brewer goes unrewarded all Oscar season.



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