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Ryan Reynolds

Don't Worry Darling | Sep 23 2022 | We’re Just Here For The Mess

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42 minutes ago, Ryan Reynolds said:

Male directors have been falling for their leading ladies since the dawn of Hollywood, so what's good for the gander should be good for the goose, but I'm surprised they'd confirm anything before filming was over. Especially in light of the Shia firing--not that his track record isn't long, no one blinked an eye about him being kicked off a movie, but for it to turn out that the director is dating his replacement... As a director, you just open yourself up to accusations that the maybe the casting switch was not entirely above board, and people are so much harder on women in the public eye to begin with. People online get really worked up now about #PowerDynamics, though Styles being very rich and famous already negates a lot of that, it's not exactly a Sam Taylor Wood/Aaron Johnson situation.


If they break up before the movie is out, that's going to be awkward...

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