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Jack Nevada

Bad first movie, good sequel

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Desperado was a good sequel to a not so great movie, El Mariachi.

Dislike, sorry for picking on you...I know this isin't a first movie but Huge improvements from x3 to X-men first Class.Have not seen The Evil Dead 2 But heard it was better then the original.Bad Boys 2 Definatly Brought up the action and the story, not a great movie, far from it, but still I remember watching this the first time and being entertained can't say the same if I watched it again, so il keep that one of the shelf.Hellboy 2 was a very slight inprovment, I still Enjoy Hellboy Alot!Hostel 2 maybe, there are some great scenes in both it's hard to determine which one I liked more. But those girls turn me on!oh and btw as far as the Fast and Furious Films go My Favourite is definitely the first! they seem to get worse as they keep going on, except tokyo drift that was really bad. Five also might be a bit better then four, maybe, I don't have the time to waste watching them again.The rest has been said already. Edited by ThatMovieGuy
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There are tons of movies that have better sequels than the first movie, but to find a franchise that has its first movie being "bad" and the subsequent chapters after it being "good" is incredibly hard because if the first movie is bad, more often than not, a second will not be greenlit. I can only think of a few:

Alien then Aliens

El Mariachi then Desperado

Spider-Man then Spider-Man 2

Taxi then Taxi 3

These ones are close to having a "bad" movie first (more just a so-so movie), but definitely have far-improved sequels:

Spy Kids then Spy Kids 3D: Gameover

The Evil Dead then Evil Dead II

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Alien is a bad movie.

It is, I have watched it a few times now, and it is just horrible compared to Aliens. I also think Terminator is very cheesy and has a B movie quality about it. It's sequel is a vast improvement.Others, Empire Strikes Back to A New Hope (never did like ANH, I thought the acting in it was dreadful, and the story was just too cheesy, the second installment was far better. But, I still think Mark Hamil was terrible in all three movies.
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High School Musical 3 :DI suppose the closest I can think of (which will probably get roundly disagreed with) is Eurotrip > Road Trip + Boat Trip.Really hated Road trip but for some unknown reason found something really enjoyable about Eurotrip.

I don't hate Road Trip, but Eurotrip was so so so much better. Scotty Doesn't Know!
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