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Creed highest grossing Rocky club (Yo Adrian, I just missed it)

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I expect this to expand beyond Balboa too. That felt like bullshit when it released. I think people are ready to see someone else fight and I actually believe this one can/will engage a younger demo as well as the older demo that eats, sleeps, drinks Rocky.

If the rumors about

Rocky dying

are true and if it is handled well and true to the character, then this could get a big bump from the word of mouth for the


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In it with baumer all the way. This looks phenomenal and could be a runaway hit.

These two have my faith... I'm with SLJ. Fruitvale Sation >>>>>> 12 Years A Slave



He's the director Marvel should be pursuing for Black Panther by the way... I really, really like him as a young filmmaker. Doesn't seem obsessed being a part of the art house. Just seems to keep it real. Love that. Stanning for him a bit, but I expect big things from him.


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Gopher and Baumer are like a WWE tag team where the two guys are constantly arguing, bumping into each other, and on the verge of a breakup, but they come together and win the Tag Team titles and become close friends in the process. We're still waiting for the moment when one of them goes full heel and hits the other from behind with a steel chair.

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My first Baumer club! :)


And I'm more than surprised to agree about something with Gopher. ;)


Now to the club itself.

Like Walt Disney I would be in already if the aim would be 100M.

But at the moment I'm team Mickey.




-Rocky is not the lead and moviegoers will also miss Paulie and Duke.

-Many don't like that he is ill.

-Is Michael B. Jordan already well known and popular enough to carry a movie for a very big audience?





-It's still a Rocky film. Grudge Match was a boxing film with Stallone and DeNiro.

-The combination of so many talented persons who obviously work very well together gives high hopes.

-The trailer got a more than positive feedback, maybe the most positive of the year so far. (And not only in America. In Germany most Rocky-fans were completely against the film out of many reasons and that chanced immediately).

And the trailer got not only a positive feedback but also a lot of attension everywhere.

There is something about the trailer that makes me believe that the film will be special.

-The release date. Not only that is it placed in the award-film season. It could also still benefit from the holiday season. And if it really gets nominated the playtime is even longer.

- The competition is manageable.

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I could see this happening. Especially since WB does a great job with mid-budget films targeting GAs (Blind Side, American Sniper, The Hangover, etc) 


  1. $33.5 million/$45 mililon 
  2. $16.5 million ($69 million)
  3. $13 million ($88 million)
  4. $7.5 million ($100 million)
  5. $6 million ($111 million)
  6. $5 million ($122 million)
  7. $3 million ($126 million)
  8. $1.5 million/$2 million ($128 million)

$132-134 million DOM. I guess I'll go IN, especially if it turns out to be a great film. 


I'd go higher, but November 2015 is just too packed. Spectre, Good Dinosaur and MJ2 could all potentially do $250 million+ DOM, while Peanuts should do $100-120 million DOM. X-Mas, By the Sea and Midnight Special will clog the atmosphere, too. And Suffragette should have expanded to wide release by Thanksgiving. 


With a less crowded landscape, Creed could do $175-200 million DOM if it's excellent.


For now, $125-135 million DOM would be phenomenal. But who knows? Maybe Sep-Dec 2015 will be gigantic... wouldn't be all that out of place. 

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