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Isle of Dogs | Wes Anderson | April 20 2018

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I love ALL Anderson EXCEPT Mr. Fox!!!


You stop motion freaks are some fucked up weirdos, mark my words.


I would probably still see this, because of the Japanese setting - but no cinema would show something as ugly, weird and outright disgusting so:


1 the Shay won't see it

2 it will bomb like Nagasaki

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This is going to be goood. The animation and design are fantastic. I really hope this does well, after the success of Moonrise Kingdom and (especially) Grand Budapest Hotel I feel like his movies are becoming more and more appreciated by mainstream audiences. 

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6 hours ago, Jake Gittes said:

Random-assemblage-of-moments kind of trailer and I have little patience for those, but I'm still hopeful.


Not sure what you mean by "random assemblage of moments". It tells you exactly what the premise of the movie is, tells you who the protagonists are and what their motivations are and shows you some exciting moments. I don't know what else you want from a trailer, it's not like GOTG2 or TLJ where it's just a couple minutes worth of footage that doesn't really tell you anything about the story.

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His animation style is definitely more of an acquired taste than Laika's or Aardman's, and the art design isn't as warm as Grand Budapest's or even Moonrise Kingdom's. Being animated I don't see curious old couples going for this and definitely not kids unless they're raised by cineastes.

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