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BOT User Tracking 11/20-22 MJ2, Night Before, Secret in their Eyes

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Mediocre weekend coming up. Night Before I know nothing about, but that Secret in their Eyes one gets advertised *constantly* on reality TV, among the Law and Order re-runs and virtually everything else Mrs Wrath watches on TV. Its kinda funny to not be the targeted demographic for a movie, yet be caught in their marketing cross-hairs anyway Amusingly, all the movies opening this weekend have names starting with "The", so I'm just dumping all the The's for simplicity.

Although, I almost feel like I'm forgetting something. Something about birds? A bird-watching movie, maybe? I forget. Certainly couldn't be something significant. 


Please provide your 11.13 - 15 Opening Weekend predicts for:


Night Before

Secret in their Eyes


Deadline is now going to be sometime between midnight Wednesday and Thursday midmorning (US Eastern time), depending on when I get to it.

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I'm not feeling The Night Before, to be honest. The ad campaign has been mostly muted and lacking in strong/memorable gags, Seth Rogen's box office track record is wildly inconsistent (while JGL and Anthony Mackie are non-draws), and I'm suspecting the reviews will be on the mediocre side too. Sub-$15M wouldn't surprise me at this point, I'd bet on it happening actually.

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