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Ezen Baklattan

SURV(IV)OR: Episode 3 - Like A Boss

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Spaghetti: Welcome to the challenge hut, home for every following Flash Fight. Today, we have on the running @That One Guy, @WrathOfHan, @ChipMunky, @RandomJC, @chasmmi, @elcaballero, @4815162342, and @Ethan Hunt. There are ten stones in front of each of you. With the right number of stones, put them on the lily pad and it will turn gold. Put less in, it doesn't. Put more in, it drowns. First person to find the right number of stones wins. Everyone will be tested at once.


That One Guy: Five is a good midpoint...I think.

Chasmmi: Idiot, gotta go with four.

Ethan Hunt: Actually, he may have a point.

WrathOfHan: Chasmmi rocked the challenge....better to be safe than story.

ChipMunky: Five it is.

Numbers: Guess I should go with five too.

Elcaballero: I botched this before, but....better go with 6.

RandomJC: After the last challenge, I gotta be right. 6!


Spaghetti: The time has come. Please place your stones on the lily pad corresponding to you.

*They do so. Only Chasmmi and WoH's turn gold. All the others sink, Elcaballero and JC's more quickly.*

Spaghetti: As you will see.....the fit is 4. The winner is......CHASMMI!

WrathOfHan: What? Why isn't it a tie!?

Spaghetti: As you can see, Chasmmi clearly put his on first.

WrathOfHan: Ugh, I'll get you for this.

Chasmmi: You'll get me, alright. Just try to get caught up with your team, first, kid.

Spaghetti: DAMN. That was brutal.


CONFESSIONAL - WrathOfHan: Okay. New target.

CONFESSIONAL - RandomJC: Looks like I got ahead of myself, again. At least I have immunity tonight.




2.      Hidden Figures has the highest PTA of an Oscar nominated film on Tuesday.

7.      Raw becomes Focus World’s highest grossing film by more than 50k.

8.      John Wick: Chapter 2 makes more than $60k on Tuesday.

10.   Hidden Figures comes within $2.5m of The Help’s unadjusted gross


Winner: @chasmmi gets a special item from the tuck shop. He will be PM'ed tonight.

Loser: @RandomJC must submit predictions by 11:59AM tommorow!!!



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Tribal Council #2: The Tubular Toons


Spaghetti: Toons, one of you must go home tonight. Please make your decision in the voting booth now.


*RandomJC votes*

@RandomJC: Sigh....sorry man.



@aabattery: I really didn't want to do this, but....


*Fancyarcher votes*

@Fancyarcher: Eenie....meenie....minie.......


*That One Guy votes*

@That One Guy: *begins scribblnig relentlessly*


*JJ-8 votes*

@JJ-8: *singing sadly to JT* It's gonna be maaaayyyyy.....


*CoolEric258 votes*

@CoolEric258: This sound right, Creech?


*BourneFan votes*

@BourneFan #1: Please let this week be over soon.


Spaghetti: The votes have been tabulated. I’m going to read out every name one by one. This is going to be brutal. *Everyone watches nervously. This music plays:*



Spaghetti: The first vote is for......




Spaghetti: Then a vote for.......




Spaghetti: This is a vote for.......




Spaghetti: And now a vote for......




Spaghetti: And with that.........


A second vote for Fancyarcher.


Spaghetti: And with that.........


A second vote for CoolEric258.


Spaghetti: Before we read the final vote, and it's gonna be a doozy, I will ask the winner of second immunity to reveal their idol and....wait a sec. Let's reveal the final vote now.




Holy shit. We have a three way tie between Fancyarcher, JJ-8, and CoolEric258. Second immunity predictions will be used to see who goes home. If you got the lowest score, you're out.



Spaghetti: The contestant going home, 19th place, is.......






JJ-8: Another shot at love! Yes! I mean....uh....sorry. Fancy.

Fancyarcher: Wait, what?!?! That's not possible.

Spaghetti: Alas, it is. 70.95% score was not enough to beat JJ-8's 88.56% score not CoolEric's 91.00%. I am truly sorry. The tribe has spoken.


*Fancyarcher glares at JJ-8.*

Fancyarcher: I'd say this is all your fault, but I'll be the better man here. 


CONFESSIONAL - Fancyarcher: Getting eliminated 2nd was pretty rough, but I know that it wasn't meant to last. Life keeps moving forward, and with the time I got to spend on this island, I don't regret any bit of it. Except of course working with JJ-8.


RandomJC: Goodbye, Fancyarcher!

AABATTERY: We'll miss you a lot!


*The remaining Toons roast marshmallows at a campfire, singing "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow!"*

AABATTERY: Where do we go now?

That One Guy: With luck, forward.







Spaghetti: 2 down, 18 to go. Can contestants survive this brutal police training, deal with ever cosmic supervillians, and worse? Find out next time, on SURVIVOR!

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24 minutes ago, DAJK said:

@Fancyarcher sucks to see ya go man, I guess I didn't really get to know ya much as a teammate :(


hope you stick around in these threads though for the remainder of the game!


I'll act like a force ghost, and I'll check back on this thread every once and a while. Don't worry! 

Edited by Fancyarcher
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