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Ezen Baklattan

SURV(IV)OR: Episode 4 - Surviving in Style

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Spaghetti: Pavilion. Predictions. You all know the drill. It is hidden somewhere in this maze of holograms, with several mysterious secrets inside. Good luck!

RandomJC: I somehow made it to the pavilion already, it's not a fun maze. Good luck out there, Toons.

Spaghetti: Let this be a lesson not to be too hasty in the Fist Fight, but then again. High risk equals high reward.


AABATTERY: Come on guys, we can't lose another week!

That One Guy: Then what are we waiting for, let's get into the maze!

AABATTERY: We can't just jump right in! Fancy was reasonable, and now he's gone. Plus Random tried to save us last week and now he's beat. 

JJ-8: Ahem!

CoolEric258: Our time to shine!

JJ-8: Ethan may have tricked us this week, but he apologized and gave us a cannon that will blast us to the center of the maze!

BourneFan: You cannot be serious.

CoolEric258: Shut the fuck up please! Thank you! :)

BourneFan: Uhhh.....okay.


CONFESSIONAL - BourneFan: Okay.....how come we didn't get rid of them next week. With the three way tie, they think they're invincible. My nerves can only take so much.


CoolEric258: Our time to shine!

AABATTERY: It's a decent strategy. Best we can work with at the moment, get in, TOG and BourneFan.

That One Guy: This can't possibly work, but at least it's one thing off our bucket list.

BourneFan: At this point, it may be the last thing we can tick off.

JJ-8: Ready....

CoolEric258: Aim....

*FIRE! The five blast off, missing the center badly. That One Guy is badly injured upon impact.*


That One Guy: *screaming in pain* Oh god, the humanity! You have damned us all, JJ-8 and Eric, we are dead! Dead! We survived but we're dead!

AABATTERY: Okay, just try to relax. I can carry you from here on out.

CoolEric258: I may have messed up the trajectory a wee bit.


Ethan Hunt: Okay, we messed up their trajectory big time. We've got this in the bag again.

DAJK: What the hell, dude?! What happened to winning this fair and square?

Ethan Hunt: Oh, DAJK. So sweet, so naive. I know how to play the game, so please don't blame me for it. Would you rather just have everyone fall apart on our team and no one makes it to the merge?

DAJK: If it means just having you turn on us once that happens. Fuck off.

YourMother: Guys, relax. This is for another time. We need to focus on winning. 

DAJK: Fine.

Elcaballero: I did maze puzzles all the time when I was a kid. I'll lead the way. *DAJK, YourMother, and Elcaballero run off. Chasmmi catches up to Ethan*

Chasmmi: That was impressive, albeit risky. You have a lot to learn about true villainy. Follow my lead.


ChipMunky: Okay, last week was rough, but I have a good feeling about this one.

Numbers: And I'm guessing it'll be a chance for you to spite RandomJC.

ChipMunky: Exactamundo.

Goffe: Believe me, you two are hiding something from each other.

ChipMunky: As if.

Numbers and Goffe: Even then, you may run into an issue of unrequitted love. Wait, what? *They look at each other*

Goffe: Never mind, let's just get into this maze!

Arlborn: You heard them, Eevin! Tally ho!

Eevin: Okay, Goffe, can you please throw this challenge so we can vote Arlborn off?

Goffe: I agree with the sentiment, but not going to happen. Those coins are mine.

Eevin: So be it.


CONFESSIONAL - Eevin: So. Fucking. Annoying.


WrathOfHan: Hey, Wrath, want to try this maze together?

Wrath: Sure, I guess. Something's bothering me, though.

WrathOfHan: What's that?

Wrath: Where's my goddamn cannon?

WrathOfHan: I'm guessing you heard the screams.

Wrath: ........FUCK.

WrathOfHan: It's gotta be around the perimeter, run!


Elcaballero: These holograms are so freaky. I don't know where to turn.

DAJK: I keep seeing images of Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone....they're white?!

*A hologram of the Mona Lisa appears*

Mona Lisa: Grrrrrr...

YourMother: I think we're getting close, keep moving.

Chasmmi: As opposed to standing still?

Ethan Hunt: Heh.

Elcaballero: You know what he said. Hustle.


JJ-8: Come on, guys, we gotta find the cannon and blast off again!

AABATTERY: Doesn't it make more sense to just find the pavilion while we're here?

CoolEric258: Killjoy. I defy ye. Come on, JJ-8, it's time to fly. And cannons cure all pain easily. Come with us, That One Guy!

That One Guy: Wait, no no no no no!!!!! *CoolEric258 grabs That One Guy and runs off with JJ-8.*

BourneFan: Well, he's fucked. Come on, AA. I see the pavilion.


Numbers: I see it too!

Goffe: We've got to hurry! Chip, you sure your predictions make sense.

ChipMunky: The holograms have spoken. They make sense.

Arlborn: Guys, check this out! Free slurpee machine!

Eevin: I'm fairly certain it's a trap.

Arlborn: Well fine. Don't cry to me if you're hungry during the maze. *He drinks it, and starts to feel weird.* Okay, maybe this was a mistaaaa------

Eevin: What the hell? *Arlborn shrinks seemingly inside his clothes. He has turned into a baby. He starts crying.*

Numbers: Oh, fuck.

Goffe: How come? He's not any different in his maturity.

ChipMunky: Maybe check the diaper.

Goffe: Ah, that would be an issue.

Eevin: I've parented him enough this competition. Numbers, Goffe. You take care of him.

Numbers: It's like you think we're a couple.

ChipMunky: Well, damned if the writing isn't on the wall.

Goffe: Shut it. We've got to enter our predictions. Arlborn, just share predictions with Nubmers.

Numbers: Fair enough.


CONFESSIONAL - Numbers, Goffe, and Arlborn:

Numbers: Actually, we do make a pretty good team.

Goffe: In more ways than one.

*The moment is interrupted by Arlborn's crying.*


JJ-8: The cannon! Huzzah!

Wrath: Wait, what are you doing here?

WrathOfHan: This is our cannon! Get out of here!

CoolEric258: No it isn't! Creech! Come here! *Creech does so. He grabs Wrath and WrathOfHan*

WrathOfHan: Oh god, this can't be how it ends.

CoolEric258: Come on, he's not gonna kill you!

WrathOfHan: Not what I meant!

That One Guy: *noticing Creech's tentacles.* Oh...ohh.....OH. Fuck you for getting that image in my head.

Wrath: What the fuck is going on?

CoolEric258: Creech, throw 'em! He tosses Wrath and WrathOfHan into the sky. Incidentally, they land unharmed right by the pavilion.*

Wrath: Well, I'll be damned!

WrathOfHan: They actually did us a huge favor! Come on, Wrath, let's enter our predictions!


*Cue a montage of JJ-8, CoolEric258, and That One Guy trying the cannon many times, with TOG getting increasingly injured. AABATTERY and BourneFan look up from the pavilions and facepalm.*


Ethan Hunt: Come on, we're here! Enter the predicts!

DAJK: It's coming, it's coming. God.

*Suddenly, TOG, CoolEric, and JJ-8 appear and land on Ethan.*

Ethan Hunt: Eugh!

DAJK: How's that for karma?

CoolEric258: Wee, we got this!

DAJK: But seriously....he is on our team.

YourMother: Uh....getting off of him would be highly appreciated.

That One Guy: OH GOD. STOP IT.

YourMother: I said....getting off OF him.

That One Guy: Ohhh.....


CONFESSIONAL - That One Guy: *He is covered in casts, and simply winces in pain.*

CONFESSIONAL - Chasmmi: Ethan has a lot to learn, but he reminds me of myself when I was younger. Perhaps an alliance is in order, provided his competence continues.

CONFESSIONAL - RandomJC: I had no support earlier. This sucks. If we lose, I'm probably first to go. 




Spaghetti: Cannons? Changing into a baby (Mind you, you'll be back to "normal" in a few hours)? Severe injuries? Man, you are all full of surprises. But I digress. This week, the results are JUICY. 





CHIPS - $3.958M

LIFE - $5.552M





SPLIT - $0.090M


Spaghetti: First up, as always, the awesome aliens.


@ChipMunky - 81.19%

@Goffe - 79.74%

@WrathOfHan - 70.42%

@4815162342 - 69.90%

@Arlborn - 69.87%

@Eevin - 66.07%

@Wrath - 65.27%

AVERAGE: 71.78%


ChipMunky: Hah, beat that, JC. I'm the guardian this week, and we're headed for victory.

Goffe: I'm sure he'll love the modesty.


Spaghetti: Rockin' Robots, you know the drill.



@Ethan Hunt: 80.96%

@DAJK: 78.44%

@YourMother: 77.20%

@chasmmi: 73.94%

@elcaballero: 73.94%

AVERAGE: 78.40% (With +1.5% from Flash Fight bonus)


Ethan Hunt: Who said cheaters don't prosper?

DAJK: This better not be a pattern.



Spaghetti: And finally, will The Tubular Toons redeem themselves?



@CoolEric258: 74.98%

@aabattery: 70.94%

@JJ-8: 67.42%

@BourneFan #1: 64.82%

@That One Guy: 63.76%

@RandomJC: 63.32%

AVERAGE: 67.54%


AABATTERY: The fuck?

BourneFan: ERIC?!?! He's the guardian?!

CoolEric258: That's how we roll! :flamewar::batman::ca::excited::chaplin:



Spaghetti: And that's how the cookie crumbles. Robots win. Toons lose. Again. You will be spending another week voting someone off in the tribal council, and it'll surely be a tough choice this week, but alas, 18 must become 17. We only know that @CoolEric258 is safe from elimination.


AABATTERY: Lord, this is gonna be a tough week.

BourneFan: And the one person I wanted gone is safe.

AABATTERY:  He's strong, at least. Maybe he'll get it together this week.

BourneFan: I hope so!


RandomJC: Sorry about that, I was really caught up in trouble this week.

That One Guy: *In a wheelchair and a full body cast.* Ha. Ha. That. Is. Cute.

CoolEric258: :ga::ga::ga:We shall persevere!!! :ga::ga::ga:


Spaghetti: Will cheaters prosper again? Will love remain in bloom? Will we miss Arlborn as a baby when he becomes normal again? Find out in next week's exciting episode of....SURVIVOR.








Every week, a subset of items will be on sale at the tuck shop. Buy a quick boost now, or wait for something better down the road! Here is everyone's current balance. If you are not listed, you have 0 coins.


The guardian of each team gets two coins.

Every member of the winning team gets three coins.


Current Balance

12: DAJK

8: Ethan Hunt

6: YourMother, Elcaballero, Chasmmi

5: Goffe, Eevin, ChipMunky

4: RandomJC

3: Numbers, Arlborn, Wrath, WrathOfHan

2: BourneFan, CoolEric258


CANDY APPLE - 2 Coins (Gives your weekend predictions a boost of 2%.)

STAIN REMOVER - 4 Coins (Removes the weakest score in your weekend prediction)

RECYCLED PAD - 5 Coins (Doubles your vote in the Tribal Council)

IPHONE - 5 Coins (Call me up and I'll help you with your predictions!)


PM me if you want anything by Thursday, April 6th at 11:59PM EST! Also, remember that you do not need to use it this week! Simply indicate in any weekend game or Tribal Council when you will be using it!




This is gonna be a doozy. But with a HUGE reward.


Predict the Tuesday GROSSES of the following:

The Boss Baby

Ghost in the Shell

The Zookeeper's Wife



Power Rangers


Beauty and the Beast

The Belko Experiment

Kong: Skull Island


The Shack

Get Out

The LEGO Batman Movie

John Wick: Chapter Two

A United Kingdom

A Dog's Purpose

Hidden Figures







Flash Fight predictions are due by Tuesday at 11:59PM EST.



Sorry, Toons, but you will be sent to the Tribal Council. All robots must send me a PM with who they wish to vote off the island. However, there is hope. The second immunity challenge is also listed below. Winning the challenge will make you immune from elimination for this week.



The Boss Baby

Ghost in the Shell

The Zookeeper's Wife


Get Out


Votes are due by Wednesday at 4PM EST.

Second Immunity predictions are due by Tuesday at 11:59PM EST.


Best of luck to all toons!



For people who love to start things early!



Smurfs: The Lost Villiage (Saturday)

Smurfs: The Lost Villiage (3-day)

Going in Style (Sunday)

Going in Style (3-day)

The Case for Christ (3-day)

Gifted (3-day)

The Boss Baby (Friday)

The Boss Baby (3-day)

Ghost in the Shell (3-day)

Life (3-day)

Beauty and the Beast (3-day)

Kedi (3-day)


Predictions are due by Thursday at 11:59PM EST.


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Wait a minute... The Robots had 3 people with the exact same score?


I smell collaboration. Watch yourself, DAJK.


Edit - Also, that Flash Fight... Yikes.

Edited by Wrath
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15 minutes ago, Wrath said:

Wait a minute... The Robots had 3 people with the exact same score?


I smell collaboration. Watch yourself, DAJK.


Edit - Also, that Flash Fight... Yikes.


I think it is just two people...

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