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Ezen Baklattan

SUR(V)IVOR: Episode 1 - Just Scraping By (Part 1)

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*A bus drives down a long road in the country. On it, the words faintly written: “The Veterans”. @Arlborn, @WrathOfHan, @Slambros, and @chasmmi are in the back of the bus. @YourMother the Edgelord, @DAJK, @Ethan Hunt, and @That One Guy are in the front.*


Arlborn: You....do realize you basically stole first place in the season finale, right?

WrathOfHan: *sigh* I only agreed to do this season to prove I could win fair and square. Eevin’s living it up in that resort, and he won’t have to endure any more of these crazy challenges.

Arlborn: Ah, Eevin. I see why you chose him. I loved him, but please, I would have easily beaten you.

WrathOfHan: Oh please, let’s just get back to the island.

Chasmmi: Will you two stop bickering? This bus ride is long enough without two people trying to measure their metaphorical unmentionables.

WrathOfHan: ...unmentionables?

Chasmmi: Whatever.

Slambros: Wait a sec.....you all did pretty well, right? Okay, I can’t mess up badly again. And I don’t think either of you are too evil. Can we stick together?

Chasmmi: I suppose, join the club.

Slambros: Wow, you sure are acting different.

Chasmmi: Naturally. I had to play dirty to stop Wrath from winning, but I may have taken things a bit too far. Now not only can I use my wits for good and not evil, but I feel that it’s appropriate to make amends. And let’s be real, I miss the thrill of competition. Just because I’m not a dirty bastard this time around doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you.

Arlborn: ....forget what I said. Maybe the cougars....well not the evil ones....should stick together, Han.


*We move to the front of the bus.*


That One Guy: Wait a sec....pretty sure we passed the camp’s exit.

Ethan Hunt: Of course we did, you idiot. Clearly they’re trying to shake things up for ratings.

That One Guy: But where would we go? Maybe that galaxy I saved!

Ethan Hunt: Fat chance.

That One Guy: He said it was real! It would be ratings dynamite.

Ethan Hunt: That wasn’t even in the top 5 most viewed episodes of last season.

That One Guy: God, you’re such a killjoy.


DAJK: Hey....I didn’t know you were competing this season too.

YourMother: I did! I totally didn’t sign up again just because of that. I mean, who’d do that?!

DAJK: Look, I know we shared a kiss, but....can we just ease back into things? It’s been so long, I’m worried that I’ll just say the wrong thing or mess things up. I just want to take things slow.

YourMother: ....sure. I will admit that the way I feel about you is the same. Albeit, well....not as obsessive.

DAJK: That’s good, I suppose.

YourMother: So let’s ease back in. I look forward to seeing where we go.


*The bus moves into a desolate 1920s style metropolis with several abandoned buildings. It’s a very surreal setting.*

YourMother: Maybe...easing isn’t the right word.


*A bus begins to move from the opposite direction. The word ‘Newcomers’ is written on it in chrome, shiny font. On the bus are @Asyulus, @ZeeSoh, @baumer, @Sheikh, @MovieGuyKyle17, @Keanu, @Rorschach, and @Empire.*


ZeeSoh: Well this sure as hell doesn’t look like where the last season was.

Asylus: Weird. Survivor never really changed the setting.

Sheikh: Well, there was a giant volcano that exploded near the finale.

Asylus: Exploded?

Sheikh: Literally minutes after everyone left. It’s a miracle they all survived.

ZeeSoh: If they didn’t, none of us would be here.

Asylus: Fair point.


Rorschach: Art deco. A pretty prominent style in the time period. Everyone my age read Great Gatsby for school, the style kept popping up. It’s got an appeal to it.

Empire: ....I was asking about your favorite genre of music.

Rorschach: Ah, forgive me. I....sometimes lose myself in thought pretty easily. It’s not something I do intentionally, believe me.

Empire: So...what is it?

Rorschach: Broadway musicals.

Empire: Huh.

Rorschach: You know....we may be able to work together. Going up against a team of veterans may be a challenge, but I think we can pull our weight.

Empire: Well, I guess it’s never too early to start an alliance.


MovieGuyKyle: ....and the scene where Wrath turns out to be evil and Arlborn and Eevin’s first kiss, GAH! I loved the first season so much, but the tribal council where ChipMunky got eliminated was so crazy and mindblowing and it was just, I’m rambling, I know, I love this show so much!

Baumer: I mean, sort of, but when you look at it it’s somewhat jumbled together. I wish they didn’t cut the scene where the shark threatens to eat everyone.

MovieGuyKyle: That happened?!

Baumer: I don’t know, was so tired I ended up making shit up. Movies are more my thing.

MovieGuyKyle: How could you lie to me like this?!

Baumer: There’s always one of those, I guess. We’ve gotta be getting close, at least.

CaptainWondyful: I was quite enjoying the drive myself. Now there’s this....interesting town. I’m not sure it’s very well constructed.

Baumer: It’s like that Fritz Lang movie, M.

CaptainWondyful: Metropolis. Ooh, so close big guy.

Baumer: I really don’t like your attitude.

CaptainWondyful: Surely you can take a joke.

MovieGuyKyle: I ship it!

Baumer and CaptainWondyful: Shut up!


Keanu: Hmm....there’s one more contestant that was gonna be on this bus, I thought. A charming madamouiselle, perhaps. This question is wrecking my mind. I need to know who will be on this playing field.


*The two buses arrive at a derelict hotel, letting the groups of 8 veterans and 9 newcomes look at each other.*


MovieGuyKyle: It’s them!! I’m so excited to see everyone! WrathOfHan!!! OMG!!! *He faints*

WrathOfHan: Uh....hi?

Chasmmi: Wait, there’s an odd number? A prime one? Spaghetti wouldn’t break his brain like that.

ZeeSoh: The last contestant may see themselves as too good for a ride on a greasy bus.

Chasmmi: Well who would have that honor?


*A large van comes up, blaring techno music. Out steps @Claire of Themyscira*


Claire: Hello, lover boys and girls. Claire at your service. I look forward to building a relationship of trust and friendship. I want to love you little bitches, but cross me, and you’ll have hell to pay. Now let’s get this fucker started!!!

ZeeSoh: Yep, I figured as much.

Claire: We just started this competition. Don’t start messes if you don’t want to clean them up.

ZeeSoh: I meant to start nothing. But...we’re all here now. Where’s Ghetti?


*Suddenly, a door in the hotel opens, and we see Sam P. Ghetti, host of Survivor, step out.*

Spaghetti: Welcome, if not welcome back, to Survivor. Obviously this isn't an island, but with the destructive volcano and this abandoned but refurbished movie set, I decided to make something interesting, move inside, all of you. 


*Everyone goes inside, and Spaghetti explains the rules that can be found in the below post:*


Spaghetti: You'll face several exciting challenges through this season, and I'll jump right in.



Welcome to the first challenge of the game. This shall be an excellent barometer of where the strength of teams lies, as well as the first person off the island. There's a building across town riddled with monsters and phantoms, but the top of the building holds a secret to victory. You'll need to brave the climb and get to the top to make your best predictions for the below:





Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation


Ant Man and the Wasp

The Incredibles 2

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Sorry to Bother You

Eighth Grade

Uncle Drew

The First Purge

Ocean's Eight


Predict by Thursday, July 12th at 11:59PM EST. Send PM predicts to me.



Spaghetti: First place, the team with the highest average, gets three coins for each member to spend at the tuck shop! Perfect for a little treat, or perhaps giving yourself a boost or providing a nice dose of sabotage. Of course, first place gets immunity as well. Second place team gets nothing to spend at the tuck shop, but they’re safe this week. And finally, our unlucky third place team. The losing team will go to the intense tribal council, where players will vote off one player to go home. Their weakest link, if you will.

Asylus: So just 10 predictions week? Piece of cake.

WrathOfHan: Ah, you're cute.

Spaghetti: One more thing I forgot to mention....




Throughout the game, there will be several mini challenges. These are completely optional, but can provide a boost in weekly scores and give a team the winning edge. However, mess this up and you could pay the price later.



Ant Man and the Wasp

Sicario: Day of the Soldado



Avengers: Infinity War


The deadline is WEDNESDAY AT 11:59PM EST. 



The team with the highest percentage of participation, along with the two highest predictors of the challenge. Will all receive a boost in the weekly challenge. BE CAREFUL. The lowest two predictors will receive a detriment to their weekly challenge!


Spaghetti: With that, the challenge begins....After you find out your teams....


....IN PART 2.



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11 hours ago, Spagheditary said:

MovieGuyKyle: I ship it!

Baumer and CaptainWondyful: Shut up!




11 hours ago, Slambros said:


@captainwondyful You know a competitor's smart when they can observe the architecture! :lol:

What can I say, I'm good at my job.  Gotta point out all those material defeats.  🤣 

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Spaghetti: Now comes the most fun part of the season – meet you teams for the very first time. Each team has a mix of seasoned veterans and new players, 6 people apiece. There are three elevators in the lobby. Each one will take you to one of three floors. Each floor contains the rooms where you will be staying as well as a team meeting center, marked by the color red, blue, or green. Here we go.


*The 18 contestants go up to the elevator, forming a line.*


*That One Guy and ZeeSoh arrive on the green floor.*

*Ethan Hunt and Keanu arrive on the red floor.*

*WrathOfHan and Baumer arrive on the blue floor.*


*Arlborn and Asylus reach the red floor. Ethan Hunt glares at Arlborn.*

*CaptainWondyful reaches the blue foor, and she sees Baumer.*

CaptainWondyful: Oh, joy.

*DAJK and YourMother arrive at the green floor.*

DAJK: Whoa....guess we’re together again.

YourMother: *clearly holding back unadulterated glee* Yeah, looks like it. I promise not to weird you out!


*Slambros and MovieGuyKyle arrive on the red floor.*

*Sheikh and Rorscach reach the green floor. Rorscach looks at YourMother.*

Rorschach: Wait....do I know you? Nevermind. I’m half asleep.

*Chasmmi and Claire arrive on the blue floor.*

Chasmmi: Well...looks like I’ll be sticking to my word.


The teams are...



@WrathOfHan @chasmmi @captainwondyful @Claire of Themyscira @baumer @Sheikh



@Ethan Hunt @Arlborn @Slambros @Keanu @MovieGuyKyle17 @Asyulus



@That One Guy @DAJK @YourMother the Edgelord @Empire @ZeeSoh @Rorschach


Spaghetti: Before we go, I did want to make one note. There is a confessional booth in the vending machine area. Enjoy.


CONFESSIONAL - Rorschach: Something's really up with this competition. I would have sworn I saw YourMother somewhere before. Not important, I suppose. But I maintain that I'm gonna get our team to victory.

CONFESSIONAL - MovieGuyKyle17: THE CONFESSIONAL!!! Dreams are coming true!!!

CONFESSIONAL - Baumer: This CaptainWondyful person seems like a piece of work. I'm just as annoyed as she is that we're on the same team.

CONFESSIONAL - CaptainWondyful: This Baumer person seems like a piece of work. I'm just as annoyed as he is that we're on the same team.

CONFESSIONAL - Sheikh: I hear them bickering even now. God, please let this go quickly.

CONFESSIONAL - Claire: Obviously they knew that I would be best suited in a hotel. I want to lead our band of darlings to victory, but they better play nice or I won't.

CONFESSIONAL - Asyulus: Okay, maybe we just gotta relax. I don't trust this Ethan guy, he was kind of a little shit in the last season. Gotta be careful around him.

CONFESSIONAL - Keanu: There are many quirks to this competition. I've got to see how everyone even participates. Lots of unproven ground here....but what's life without a bit of excitement?

CONFESSIONAL - Empire: Rorscach seemed adamant about aligning with me....at this point am I at a liberty to really discuss it?

CONFESSIONAL - ZeeSoh: So DAJK and YourMother will be busy making out during challenges, I guess. Maybe That One Guy could summon his alien army to get us all to safety? I don't know. 


*On the Blue Floor*

Chasmmi: We need to build a strategy. So here's what we'll do - 

WrathOfHan: Wait, who made you the leader? I won last season, remember?

Chasmmi: Please, I'm still smarter than you. You won out of sheer luck.

WrathOfHan: I don't wanna start anything. Let's just build a strategy to win.

Sheikh: Thanks. Today's been weird enough.

CaptainWondyful: Getting to that tower could be difficult, but they've gotta have something set up for us.

Sheikh: They certainly do have things reasonably under control here. Of course I'm setting things up for things to get crazy down the road, I imagine.

Baumer: Of course they will. It's the element to all good stories.

Claire: No point in guessing what's going to happen. I suggest we all get our beauty nap in and strike the challenge beautifully.


*On the Red Floor*

Slambros: I nominate Arlborn for team captain!

MovieGuyKyle: Aye! Also can I get your autograph?

Ethan Hunt: Are you people serious? He barely did anything last season!

Asyulus: Said the 14th place finisher about the 3rd place finisher.

Ethan Hunt: That was a low blow and you know it.

Asyulus: Of course you know what low is.

Keanu: We must all stay together, this challenge may be tough, but I have faith that we can all power through together. Now Arlborn, give us your hand in leadership.

Arlborn: Wait what?! I'm....kinda with Ethan on this one.

Ethan Hunt: Ha!


*On the Green Floor*

Empire: Dude, what are you doing? *Looking at Rorscach*

Rorscach: I have this weird tick. I don't want to get into it. It's just....I came here for a reason. But it's secret. I don't know what to say.

Empire: If we're going to be an alliance, I need to know about you.

Rorscach: There are plenty of episodes for that. I'll do my part to win challenges, you do the rest.

YourMother: He knows me, doesn't he?

DAJK: What could he know you from?

YourMother: I don't know, but he does ring a bell. I just....nevermind. What have you been up to after all this time?

DAJK: Well I'm not going to lie, I'd love to win again.

YourMother: For sure! I literally have no idea what we were talking about before!

ZeeSoh: So this has been quite a weird day. Lots of different faces here, I mean it is pretty exciting, but I suspect that there may be more to these players than meets the eye. I'll have to see all the pieces fall together, but it should be pretty interesting. *Sees building burning in the distance.* And it just got even more so.

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10 minutes ago, Spagheditary said:


CONFESSIONAL - Rorschach: Something's really up with this competition. I would have sworn I saw YourMother somewhere before. Not important, I suppose. But I maintain that I'm gonna get our team to victory.


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