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Eric is Anxious

Venom: Let There Be Carnage l October 1 2021 | NOT getting delayed

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Following box office smash “Venom,” Sony Pictures is putting the wheels in motion for a sequel to the antihero adventure. The studio has tapped Kelly Marcel, one of the screenwriters from the first movie, to pen to script.


Sources close to the negotiation tell Variety that, although an exact amount couldn’t be unveiled, Marcel’s deal was a significant one. She will also executive produce the follow-up, which will see Tom Hardy return as the eponymous symbiote.


The news comes after the studio recently dated an untitled Marvel sequel for October 2020. Comic-book enthusiasts put the pieces together to assume that slot was for “Venom 2,” giving it the same release date as its predecessor.


Michelle Williams is expected to rejoin Hardy, as is Woody Harrelson, who will portray Carnage in the sequel. A director has not been set yet, though sources say the studio might look for a new filmmaker as “Venom” helmer Reuben Fleischer will be busy shooting the sequel to Sony’s “Zombieland.” Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach and Amy Pascal will return as producers.



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2 minutes ago, TMP said:

I'm so fucking excited for this. I hope they let Hardy go full ham, and him and Harrelson devour the scenery.

it'll have the most sexual tension in a hero/villain relationship since keaton and pfeiffer in batman returns.

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1 minute ago, CoolioD1 said:

it'll have the most sexual tension in a hero/villain relationship since keaton and pfeiffer in batman returns.

an Eddie/Venom/Carnage/Harrelson four-way is all I ask for @SonyPictures.

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Honestly, I'm totally ok with @CoolioD1's idea: let Tom Hardy direct it. He practically ghost-directed the 1st one, when we think about it.


Regardless, Fleischer out is probably for the good. If not Hardy himself, get Fede Alvarez in there, and actually make it R-rated this time. Or, for someone more outside the box, how about Julia Ducournau, the director of Raw. Raw was acclaimed in part for its body horror and erotic tones, which I think are elements that fit a Venom movie pretty oddly well :rofl:

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36 minutes ago, kitik said:

So basically, they plan to start filming in July or October or sometime when the actors are available, and if the script isn't ready yet, tough cookies.


Is that basically where we are right now?

On 3/17/2017 at 1:24 AM, Neno said:

No director, no cast, no script, but 2018 release date. Ok, Sony.... 

6 minutes ago, kitik said:

if it ain't broke, don't fix it


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1 hour ago, kitik said:


Venom made $850 million. They're not going to change the sequel to R-rated.


if it ain't broke, don't fix it

Exactly because it made 850M is why a change to R-rated would be welcome now - because the 1st one made so much money that the 2nd will always have high interest regardless. I'm sorry, but Venom in PG-13 felt a bit softballs, especially when they cut away from scenes of the guy eating heads off and stuff like that. It should be R. And the sequel will likely decrease no matter what, so might well give it an R and see where it goes... imagine wom is way stronger than the 1st movie; at that point, Venom 3 could have potentially grossed the 1st movie's numbers or better, alas the Raimi trilogy. If necessary, make a PG-13 cut for China only.

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