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Eric the Tank Engine

Venom: Let There Be Carnage l October 1 2021 | NOT getting delayed

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Get Tom Hardy to direct this!!!!!!

Ruben Fleisher and the dude who made Life were such terrible choices to direct the first two SUMC films. At least Hardy would be something fresh/new, and not the same old recycled mediocrity.

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4 minutes ago, TMP said:

Is this really gonna make October 2020?

they'll only need 1 year after Principal photography starts. they still have plenty of time if they get a director in the next few weeks. 

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7 minutes ago, CoolioD1 said:

it's interesting to read in that article that the way they'll decide who directs is to attach them all to symbiote and whoever's compatible and doesn't get killed by it gets the gig.

The one who can have the most convincingly conversation with their own right sinister bipolar right hand wins

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1 hour ago, TMP said:

Is this really gonna make October 2020?


according to the THR article, they intend to start filming in November, so for now the answer is yes


If December rolls around and they're still looking for a director, then the answer will be no.


I'm more than fine with Travis Knight (or anyone else really), it just needed to change something up after the first one, and they obviously couldn't change Hardy.

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1 minute ago, CoolEric258 said:

I think it got taken down. What did it originally say?

It was a photo of Andy Serkis posted on Tom Hardy's official, verified Instagram account


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