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DUMBO (2019) | $237.5M Overseas, $352.2M Global

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I don't think Dumbo is as familiar a tale as other Disney live-action remakes, so I would guess around $300 million OS as well. However, cute animal films are typically a easier sell in foreign markets (translates well across different cultures). It's also been a while since a major film targeted at kids was released (I doubt Wonder Park will make much OS).

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Avec 2056 entrées paris 14h réalise le 12ème démarrage de la carrière de

Translated from French by

With 2056 entries Paris 14h realizes the 12th start of the career of




maybe a country to look into for earl reactions

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France OW prediction on par with Cinderella.

totally bombed in SK, about 1/3 of Christopher Robin(Dumbo opened on culture day, while CR on national holiday) maybe less than $5m total 

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The Tim Burton-directed live-action update on Disney’s 1941 animated classic flapped its way to a $71M start overseas this weekend in 53 material markets. That reps essentially 100% of the global footprint (Turkey and Venezuela open next session). As noted above, the bow is below where sources saw the movie ahead of the debut with Asia the main culprit. Awareness of the character is not as great there and heading into the session there was also prescient concern over whether the pachyderm would find his feet in the region.


Overall, Dumbo came in lower than pre-weekend comps like the Burton-produced Alice Through The Looking Glass, which bowed to $75M in like-for-likes and at current rates, and the live-action Cinderella which did $89M. 

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Remember this prediction from this pro-Disney outlet. 



Dumbo is slower, old-fashioned family movie. A global opening between $137M-$155M is what we’re hearing at this point in town with overseas between $80M-90M and domestic projections literally wild: Disney thinks it’s in the $50Ms, others in the $60M-$65M range,

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