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Endgame OW contest

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Another version of this contest.  This time a month of premium each for the closest predictions of the domestic opening, overseas opening and the worldwide opening as reported by boxofficemojo on Monday afternoon.  The more specific you make it the less of a need for tiebreakers.  If necessary though the tiebreaker is the chinese total opening in yuan as reported on Maoyan on Monday at the same time that mojo has their actuals up (or that number converted to dollars with Monday's exchange rate since I'm sure some people will post a dollar figure for it).


I'm not sure what my final guess will be yet but here's a starter:


Domestic: $282,525,000

Overseas: $670,125,000

Worldwide: $952,650,000

China: ¥1,715,000,000


2 weeks to think about it, watch the various tracking and presales threads, and get your predictions in.

This will close Tuesday April 23rd at 12pm pacific because actual numbers from a few countries will start coming that afternoon/evening I believe.


(Here's a sheet with everyone so far, if you want to check and make sure I didn't make any mistakes (like I did last time) that'd be helpful.)

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On 4/9/2019 at 12:22 PM, Thanos Legion said:





In case I somehow forget to update before deadline, an updated set of numbers where I stop being so restrained:  


736,111,937 (forgot to subtract Russia above, so this is a larger bump in expectations than it appears 😛 )



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