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Baumer of the week 1

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I regretfully could not participate in this years game.  I really wanted to.  And once again, Chas is putting together and outstanding game, better than anything I ever did.


Chas given me carte blanche to contribute here and there with a baumer of the moment.


The answer to this question is due by Thursday May 30th at 11:59 pm


Here's the first one.


I'll give you three movies.....and totals to go with them.....kind of an old school SOTM, (in fact, this might have been very similar to the first SOTM ever created).

You have to choose what number these films will pass.  You can only choose one number.  As long as the film passes the number you choose, you get the corresponding points.  If it does not pass the number you choose, you lose the number of points in the second bracket.  


You can choose to go for only one....or all three.  And if you choose to abstain, you abstain from all three.  Abstain is not an option if you want to go for just one film.  The first option for one of these films is basically a gimme, so you really have no reason to abstain from at least one choice.  If you do however choose to abstain, you are awarded 3000 points.  


If you go for all three, and you are successful in all three, you get a bonus of 15,000 points.  



John Wick:


Less than 135 (5000) (-25,000)

135 mill (5000) (-10,000)

140 mill (8000) (-12,000)

150 mill (12,000) (-8000)

160 mill (15,000) (-5000)




Less than 230 million (6000) (-15,000)

230 mill (6000) (-10,000)

255 mill (9000) (-12,000)

280 mill (12,000) (-12,000)

300 mill (25,000) (-5000)


End Game


Less than 845 (10,000) (-12,000

845 mill (10,000) (-10,000)

855 mill (15,000) (-6000)

865 mill (20,000) (-8000)

875 mill (50,000) (-5000)


Abstain from all three questions and you get 3000 points.  


So here's your summation:


Go for one, get it right, get the points in the first bracket.  Get it wrong, lose the points in the second bracket.

If you choose to go for all three, you must get all three right.  No exceptions.  Get all three right and you are given a bonus of 15,000.  If you go for all three, and you are wrong on even one of them, you lose 35,000 points.  

This means this question could be worth a total of 105,000 points if you get all three right and you choose the highest point total for each film.

But you can also choose the lowest total for each film and still get all three right.


But remember, you can only go for one film or all three.  Your choice.  


Abstain from all three if you choose to abstain.

If you do not provide an answer to the question, you also lose 35,000 points.  


So your options are:


Abstain from all three

Go for one question

Go for three questions.


Any questions please let me know.  I haven't made one of these in a while so I hope there is no confusion.  






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Just now, Jake Gittes said:

@baumer what if I believe Endgame doesn't pass 845?


Good point....never thought of that....I'll amend the question....thank you for bringing this to my attention.....as I mentioned, it's been a while since I've made one of these.  

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John Wick 3 - 150 mill (12,000) (-8000)

Aladdin - 230 mill (6000) (-10,000)

Avengers Endgame - 845 mill (10,000) (-10,000)



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