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Minions | 7.10.2015 | Crosses 1 BILLION Worldwide. Beats Toy Story 3 on the all-time chart.

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This reminds me: Blue Sky should do the really cool thing and produce a full length movie just featuring Scrat. No one needs to see another full Ice Age movie, but send the squirrel on an epic journey for his acorn and I'll buy a ticket. I promise.

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I suppose this is what we get for Puss in Boots being a decent commercial hit. Now all the big animated series have to do their own spin offs. :unsure:Well Puss in Boots was actually better than the last two Shrek sequels so maybe the spin off thing isn't always so bad.

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As funny as they are....do you think there should be a film containing giberish the entire time?

That would be the brilliance of it. All gibberish. No subtitles. All visual entertainment.It was almost done back in the 80s with Ringo Starr's "Caveman"
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I don't know what it is about these characters, but there is something subliminally/aesthetically pleasing about their appearance. I'm sure someone with a better knowledge of psychology could deconstruct it, but the shape, texture, eye-placement... something just clicks on a very base level. They have a Nerf-like quality, too.The reaction I have when I see them reminds me of what I learned in college about wristwatch/clock advertisements: the analog hands of a watch or clock will almost always be ten minutes after ten. It's supposedly a subliminal image representing a smiley face. (A circle around a down-pointing arrow) And the smiley face icon subconsciously inspires good feelings.

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