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Time to debate: Which Lionsgate films are likely to get nominated for BP?


Between Hell or High Water, La La Land, Café Society, Deepwater Horizon, American Pastoral, Hacksaw Ridge, and Patriots Day, they REALLY have a lot of films that have Oscar-potential.  Out of those, I think La La Land and Hacksaw Ridge will be nominated for BP, with Hell or High Water, Café Society, Deepwater Horizon, American Pastoral, and Patriots Day getting nods in other categories.

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  • Cafe Society doesn't stand a chance. 
  • Hacksaw Ridge may get a nod if it proves to be good, but it'd have to be REALLY strong to save itself from Gibson's controversy machine.
  • American Pastoral has a good deal of potential.
  • Love and Friendship (Roadside Attractions so technically Lionsgate) and Hell or High Water could get screenplay nods, if the slate stays weak.
  • Deepwater Horizon and Patriots Day will be lucky to get sound design nods.

Aside from AP and maybe HoHW, Lionsgate will definitely put most of their eggs in this basket.


Also, I noticed that Lionsgate releases A24's movies on DVD - They've got Moonlight and 20th Century Women.


Lionsgate has a busy year ahead.

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La La Land will probably be the only one nominated for BP. American Pastoral has a shot though, and I hope it does, going off of the trailer, and maybe Hacksaw Ridge has potential, but I feel Lionsgate will campaign harder for the first two mentioned.

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